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Gunzoo interviews BoomerShooter.com

GunZoo talks with Jesse and Brandon about BoomerShooter.com, advice for new competitors and the guns they use to win.

Author: Mac MacDonald 02/22/2012

A few months ago I set out to learn more about 3 Gun. Before I bought my gear I decided to do a little online research about the sport and browse the various firearm blogs for feedback from those running in matches to learn what I could from their experiences.

I waded through multiple forums trying to learn as much as possible. While a lot of the forums provided great information I felt like I was having to work too hard to extract the information I was looking for, but all this changed when I ran across a website called BoomerShooter.com. This site was great! They had a dedicated 3 Gun section and the user base was insanely helpful in their responses to my long list of questions. I knew this was the site for my 3 Gun initiation.
I ended up getting all my 3 Gun Gear and guns thanks to the guys at BoomerShooter.com. Having finished my research I decided I’d like to learn more about the crew running BoomerShooter.com and reached out to them and see if they’d like to do an interview. Thankfully they agreed and here is the output of that interview.