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Apex Handguard System Review

Background: I recently began gathering parts to build a light weight .308 caliber AR style rifle for some medium range plinking as well as hunting, both deer and hogs. My ultimate goal was to build the lightest rifle I could and yet still be durable and able to withstand the tough conditions sometimes mother nature can throw at us.

First Glance: When I first picked the box up off my doorstep my initial reaction was “Oh crap – they sent me the wrong handguard”. The box felt as if there was nothing in it. I immediately opened it to find that there was indeed a handguard in there. Next came out the tape measure, I thought “OK maybe they sent me the wrong length” – NOPE right length 12.5” handguard for DPMS pattern LR-308 rifle. This thing is amazingly light! If all I was wanting was a light handguard that looked great – I would be done, review over, time to move on – however I want to be sure that this will stand up to the needs I placed forward as well as have some great features with it.

Features: The handguard comes in various sizes for both AR-15 style rifles as well as 308 style AR’s both DPMS pattern and Armalite pattern. There are optional rails for both the top and various positions on the handguard that you can add at an additional cost. The weight of the 12.5” Rifle length handguard is a mere 10.4oz.

The handguard has a couple other really unique features. One of these really awesome features are the built in QD swivel sockets. There are 2 positions on both the left side and right side for one to use QD slings to attach it to the handguard without any additional accessories or hardware needed. The other really unique feature of the handguard is the Gator pattern “GatorGrip” underside that really gives added grip and texture to the handguard. I tried the handguard with both gloves and bare hands and I can definitely say that this makes a major difference. There was no slippage at all even when I tried gripping the handguard with wet hands. From a practical standpoint seems that Apex included some really useful features in the handguard!

Fit / Finish: Overall, I could find zero finish/fit issues with the handguard. The anodizing is perfect, there are no rough edges anywhere and it def seems to be quality material.

Wearability: Once I get a few 1,000 rounds through the rifle I will come back and update how the handguard is standing up!

Overall Impressions: Overall this handguard is perfect for my needs. Light weight, feature rich, great price point – what more could one ask for in the handguard. I have zero problem recommending this handguard to anyone looking to replace their exisiting handguard on both AR-15 or 308 style AR’s. Just a note, I purchased this handguard for my personal use, I did inform Apex that it would be part of a review however I actually paid for this handguard. I can honestly say that it is MONEY WELL SPENT!!!

Apex Handguard Systems is located in White City, OR and can be reached online via http://www.apexhandguard.com/

Ultra light weight
Built in QD Swivels
GatorGrip underbody adds additional grip
Reasonably Priced - $200 MSPR for 12.5” DPMS .308 Handguard
Great Customer Service (fast email response)

Does not come with top rail or accessory rails
Add-on rails can be pricey

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Pretty cool. I was going to order a JP for my carbine but I may give this one a try since its about the same price
Also note that they make a 15" but its specifically for one company and you have to purchase it through them

Dang that tube looks nice! Great review, thanks.
I recently put one on my Patrol rifle, check it out on Gunzoo. Anyway, I am VERY impressed. It allows me the grip I want on the front, allows for my folding front sight, and is about the weight of a MOE.

http://gunzoo.com/im...6A1CA5FBB47.jpgPosted Image
Great find and an excellent review. Seems like they've really thought through both the grip design as well as the tradeoffs for a light/efficient accessory/sling mounting design. Very cool.
Very nice unit - I have the JP and 12.23 Samson Evolution, I like the smaller diameter of the Samson, and the attachment to the barrel nut dissipates the heat.