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Timney Triggers | Remington 700 Review

Apr 06 2017 03:15 PM | OR3GUN in Gear Reviews

Timney | The choice for my Rem 700

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Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer MINI-REVIEW

Jan 11 2012 11:40 AM | Burk Cornelius in Gear Reviews

Background: Red Dawn Hunting Survival & Recreation generously donated a mini-pocket organizer to BoomerShooter.com for a review and to donate as a prize to a member. If you have a backpack and need a small organizer to keep smaller items handy ins...

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VZ Aliens Grips - REVIEW

Nov 29 2011 05:05 PM | Burk Cornelius in Gear Reviews

Background: I have used VZ grips for many years and have always been more than satisfied with the product and service. I recently got the urge to find a more aggressive grip for my Kimber Pro CDP. It was wearing VZ Operators and they were fairly aggres...

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S&S IWB Holster holster

Nov 25 2011 07:52 PM | B.S. DuBois in Gear Reviews

Background: I recently purchased a SIG 1911 TacOps to use for EDC and began looking for a holster. I cam across S&S Holsters on another site and decide to give them a shout to see what they could do for me. I have never carried a pistol before bu...

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Spikes Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group

Nov 23 2011 09:00 AM | Wormydog1724 in Gear Reviews

First, Spikes Tactical is an outstanding company from Florida with great customer service. I've had nothing but great experiences with them. I am in no way affiliated with Spikes Tactical. Second, the BCG they say is made "in-house" by the...

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Vortex Strikefire Red/Green-dot optic

Nov 22 2011 08:50 PM | Michael Ray in Gear Reviews

I've been waiting a while now to write a review on this optic for no other reason than procrastination but figured it was time. I would like to begin with a little background on the optic. It is a sealed, N-purged 30mm tube optic with a 4MOA dot....

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Looper Leather OWB pancake holster

Nov 22 2011 05:05 PM | Burk Cornelius in Gear Reviews

Background: I most typically carry my J-Frame in my RKBA pocket holster but was in the market for a OWB holster for times when I can’t carry in my pocket such as with particular pants. Basically I just wanted another holster and I decided to go with an...

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Fenix E01 Review

Nov 22 2011 05:00 PM | mhphoto in Gear Reviews

Hey there, everyone. I discovered this forum from the OSA forum at someone's direction. I think I'll like it here Anyway, I recently started a light, gun, and knife review blog (more for my own satisfaction than anything else). But since this...

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RKBA Pocket Holster Review

Nov 22 2011 04:40 PM | Burk Cornelius in Gear Reviews

Cost: $38.50 including shipping. Received holster 3 weeks from date of order First Impression: When you take this holster out of the bag you know it is made well. The leather is thick and it just looks like a quality piece. I ordered the saddle t...

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Surefire S2

Nov 22 2011 04:40 PM | watchcollector1968 in Gear Reviews

I will take a stab at a light review. I have had this one for several months now and have used it extensively. It has not been used in any harsh conditions or anything, just night time outside, EDC and tossed in the car type of use. First off, it is t...

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SureFire 6P Incandescent Review

Nov 22 2011 04:10 PM | mhphoto in Gear Reviews

Incandescent flashlights came a long way over the 100+ years they were used. They took over the job of open flame and have been mostly superseded by newer LED lights. Ask most people who know about lights what the two main brands of incandescent flash...

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