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KyTAC Braveheart Holster Review

Background: I told my Dad yesterday “The holster search is over”. As some of you may know, I have not been able to find “The One” holster for my Glock 26. I have come pretty close, but there was always one small thing that kept it from being “the One”. We all have a box full of holsters that we accumulate over the years searching for that one holster that is perfect for our particular style of carry, body type and weapon of choice. The perfect holster for a 1911 might not work for a Glock. And a holster that works for you might not work for me. Well, my holster search ended this weekend with a Kytac Braveheart. I have been talking to David about what I needed and he suggested trying his Braveheart model. I took his advice since he is the holster master and it was good advice.

First Glance: The holster doesn't look like a typical holster when you first pull it out of the bag. It has a stabilizer “wing” extending off the rear of the main body to stabilize the holster once it is attached to the belt. The kydex is slightly thicker than the Kytac “Burk” holster that has swept the nation (OK, well maybe OKC) I will explain why later.

Holster Quality: As with all Kytac gear, the workmanship is top notch. Quality kydex, smoothed and rounded edges and designed to work without a bunch of extra fluff you don’t need. I call them minimalist. The loop off the main body is formed from the same piece of kydex so there are no extra screws or thickness. It is simply folded over from the body. For this reason it is made from a slightly thicker material than the Kytac “Burk” holster I reviewed for my J-frame. The same material is used for the stabilizer wing and the rear clip is also folded overfrom a single piece of kydex. A small piece of leather connects the main bodyand the stabilizer thus allowing the entire holster it to conform to your body.

Firearm Fit: One word, perfect! As we have come to know, kydex offers superior fit and firearm retention. David doesn't like to put a trigger guard “pinch” but I asked him to and he did so. It gives the gun a distinctive click when fully seated insidethe holster. It’s a personal choice but that’s the way I like them.

Overall Impression:David handed me the holster at the last match and I slipped it in my waistband and I knew the holster was what I had been looking for. My history with G26 holsters has been tumultuous at best. Most holsters carried it too high; somehad too much cant for a smaller gun, some just sucked. One of them even fell out of my waistband and bounced across the sidewalk. The Braveheart carries the gun at about a 10-15 degree cant and it rides as low as it can and still allows a full combat grip. It also pulls the gun in very snug against my side. Everyone’s body type is slightly different but most Baby Glock holsters don’tdo this.

Overall Rating: 5 +P hollowpoint rating (out of 5)

Maybe David should consider calling it “The One” :wink:

Now for some pictures:

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Nice review. I have one of these holsters also
I had one for a full size Glock and sold it to a bud of mine and picked up 2 for smaller guns - naw I don't like the Braveheart at all lol.
Great holster and I have worn the full size Braveheart for 18 hrs straight with zero problems on a trip to Fort Stewart GA. I expect even better results with the smaller holster, Hell I even threw it on a par of sweats to walk the dog and it stayed in place even for light short jogging!

Another satisfied customer of the Braveheart, mine makes a home for a 4" 1911 on a daily basis and has proven to have good retention and very fast to draw from.

Wes - you are correct on the retention and the speed of draw. What is really nice is it is easy to get a good secure grip on the pistol and even though it is pulled in tight it still allows an extremely fast draw stroke.
The holster I was using for this past CCW match was comfortable, pulled the pistol in tight, provided good retention, but failed to allow a quick draw stroke because you had holster material in the way. The funky clips holding the holster on the belt work very well though I see them as a weak point. Additionally due to the design of the holster I feel it could be possible to depress the mag release though I never had - just seems like the possibility is there. I had sold my org Braveheart and the holster I wore for the match to a buddy of mine and picked up 2 Bravehearts for compact and subcompact small frame Glocks. There wont be any fumbling or slowness with the Braveheart like with the holster I had used for last Sun match!
I don’t have a box full of holsters but I do have a few and borrowed damn near any holster I ever wanted to try. I have settled for the Braveheart because of the above AND it wont move around on you. Besides David is a local and a shooter, so why not support our local economy / fellow shooter? If you have not tried a Braveheat you should and I think you will be pleased with the holster if you do.

Well they say the proof is in the pudding. Last night I used the Braveheart in the CCW match at Heartlands and the holster was fast. Holster stayed in place and promoted a secure firing grip.
Cannot say the holster is bloodied, but it went through more than most holsters that just get used going to pick up a gallon of milk - that is for sure!
I also used KyTac's mag pouches which work very well though those were OWB.
Folks you just cannot go wrong with KyTac equipment and i will be contacting David for more of his products.
One more plug for KyTac and the Braveheart - during the 4 Dec Heartland match the top three slots were using KyTac which at least 2 if not all three were using the KyTac Braveheart. I know others were using KyTac as well.