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Looper Leather OWB pancake holster

Background: I most typically carry my J-Frame in my RKBA pocket holster but was in the market for a OWB holster for times when I can’t carry in my pocket such as with particular pants. Basically I just wanted another holster and I decided to go with an OWB since I didn’t already have one.

First Glance: The holster is very nice looking and has a light brown color to it. I call it saddle brown. The stitching is black or very dark brown and very tight and matches the burnished edges on the holster. I would call the boning, semi-detailed. The holster is slightly curved to the shape of [most] bodies so the holster really lies flat against your side.

Holster quality: The leather on this holster is of a heavy thickness and a very professional finish. Although the loops are not quite as large as the Galco loops, they are sufficient for my double thick Filson belt with a little bit of work. The slots will eventually “waller out” and should fit about any 1-1/2” belt. The inside of the holster is natural rough out finish which aids in the retention.

Firearm fit. As with all pancake holsters, retention is greater while on your belt than just holding it in your hand. Retention is perfect for a gun with no thumb break. You have to give it a pretty good tug to get the gun out, as it should be. The guns sits down into the holster just far enough to allow for a full firing grip on the little revolver. This is also partly why the retention is so good, the top (back) of the cylinder rides below the leather allowing for the edge of the leather to “grab” the cylinder thus increasing the retention. Because it is a pancake style and the gun is a revolver, the holster tries to SLIGHTLY close if you wear your belt relatively tight. Although, I had no trouble re-holstering with ease

Overall Impressions: The revolver rides such that the cylinder is even with the belt. I like this better than one that rides higher because a short barreled gun such as this needs the support to be across the middle instead of only on the end of the barrel. This allows for the gun to be pulled tight without having to cinch the belt to the point of cutting off your wind. Lastly, the holster seems to really lie flat against my hip. No edges sticking up to catch on chairs, doorways etc. It seems to be contoured to my shape very well.

Inexpensive ($50)
Very nice fit and finish
in stock at H&H (no waiting)
High quality stitching
Holds gun close to your side
Made in Oklahoma!

Belt Loops could be slightly larger to accommodate BIG belts

OVERALL RATING: 5 hollowpoints (out of five)

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Great review Burk! I think I wanna go get some new leather now.
I need a good holster like this.
After reading your review, I bought one of these form my 640-1. This is a nice holster. Secure this holster with a top quality gun belt and it's a winner for sure. Thanks for the review.