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RKBA Pocket Holster Review

Cost: $38.50 including shipping. Received holster 3 weeks from date of order

First Impression: When you take this holster out of the bag you know it is made well. The leather is thick and it just looks like a quality piece. I ordered the saddle tan color but it also comes in natural and black.

Fit/Finish: You can order these holsters with rough side out or smooth side out. Mine is rough side out. The stitching is a natural color and is very tight and straight. All of the edges are burnished and makes for nice smooth lines. This holster has a very professional look.

Retention: The retention on my S&W 642 is perfect for a pocket holster. Not so tight that it is difficult to draw and not loose enough that it would slide out when you sit down.

Design Features: Because of the design of the holster is flat across the top, you can get a full firing grip on the gun inside your pocket before you present the weapon. The best feature of this holster is that it is formed in a curve like your leg. No more flat pocket holster that sticks through your pants when you sit down. The gun is also canted slightly so the butt of the gun doesn’t “peek” out of the corner of your pocket. The bottom of the holster is flat but it is tapered slightly so it works equally well with round or flat bottom pockets. Another unique feature of the holster are the little “hooks” at each end of the top of the holster. This holster CANNOT come out of your pocket when you draw. The hooks will hang on anything they come in contact with. In fact, it is kind of hard to get out of your pocket when you get ready to take it out at the end of the day.

Overall Impression: I can’t say enough good things about this holster. It has everything you need in a pocket holster; quality leather and workmanship, fair price and a superb design. I give this holster a 5 hollow point rating (out of 5). This is the only time I have ever given a 5 rating on a holster but I think this one is warranted.

RKBA Holsters can but purchased at http://www.rkbaholsters.com/

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How is it holding up? I am looking for a good pocket carry holster.

How is it holding up? I am looking for a good pocket carry holster.

Beautifully. As it wears and gets roughed up, it sticks to the inside of your pocket even better.

It is perfect for those summer months when cargo shorts are what all the kids are wearing