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S&S IWB Holster holster

Background: I recently purchased a SIG 1911 TacOps to use for EDC and began looking for a holster. I cam across S&S Holsters on another site and decide to give them a shout to see what they could do for me. I have never carried a pistol before but I heard the right holster makes all the difference. I gave Brandon at S&S free reign design wise to make me a nice holster for EDC.

First Glance: When I first opened the box that the holster came in my first reaction was "WOW". This thing really looks great!!! Brandon went with Black leather with Black Shark Trim to go along with it. This really gives the holster a nice look. The holster has a slight cant forward as well as slight curve to match the curve on your side.

Holster quality: The leather on this holster is of a heavy thickness and a very professional finish. The loops are 1 1/2" and very sturdy snaps. The stitching looks great with no loose frays anywhere and the Shark Trim really adds a lot of character to the holster.

Firearm fit. The first thing that I noticed when I grabbed my gun and put it in the holster was "WOW this sucker is tight". I then went over to S&S's website and they mention that if it is a little snug at first to use the plastic bag that it shipped in to wrap your firearm and put it in to stretch it just a tad. I did this and within a few hours noticed a much better fit. I guess its better to be too tight at first, as leather can stretch, than to be too loose. I'm going to leave the firearm, in the bag, inside the holster all night and see how it fits tomorrow. All in all though the fit is perfect for the pistol.

Wearability: After I got the firearm in the holster the next step was to check to see how it fits on me. I had a pair of jeans on with a cheap leather belt, and a T-shirt - I figure this was as good of outfit as ever to see how it looks. I put the holster on - got it in place on my side, pulled my shirt down and was surprised at what I saw. Actually, I should say what I didn't see! I had a full size 1911 on my side that I couldn't even tell was there. My T-shirt is actually a little small as it has been shrunk a few times and still - couldn't tell the gun was even there.

Overall Impressions: Overall I am very pleased with this holster. So much that I will be giving S&S a call in the future to build me another holster for my Khar that I plan to get for summer carry. The cost was $110 with the Shark Trim and (I believe) $95 without. The turn around time was about 3 weeks, which for a 100% custom made holster is not bad at all.

Looking for your next holster - give S&S Holsters a try -- I know I will def use them again. http://www.ssholsters.com/

Custom made to your specs
High quality leather with many options
Great concealment
Snug snaps

Price - $110 (although for fully custom this is not bad at all)
Firearm is a little snug at first - I'm expecting this to not be an issue in the future

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Very nice!
Good looking holster. I have one on order. Will post pictures when it shows up.
Are you still liking this holster I am going to be in the market for a 1911 holster in the near future and was leaning towards this one