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VZ Aliens Grips - REVIEW

Background: I have used VZ grips for many years and have always been more than satisfied with the product and service. I recently got the urge to find a more aggressive grip for my Kimber Pro CDP. It was wearing VZ Operators and they were fairly aggressive but I was on a quest to find the gnarlyest, grippyest grips I could find. I already knew I wanted VZ brand grips because I have never been disappointed with their products. After studying, reading and surfing the net, I decided on the Aliens in Black Gray.

First Impression: HOLY CRAP! These things remind me of a wood rasp. The VZ website rates the texture of their grips from smooth to very aggressive. Aliens are rated as “medium”. I beg to differ! The Operators are rated as aggressive and I found them to be less so than the Aliens. The Black Gray color means the layers the grips are constructed of are alternating black and gray. the resulting appearance is kind of charcoal gray and the two colors aren’t as differentiated as their other color combinations such as Black Desert or Zebra.

Quality: When talking about VZ Grips, quality is not an issue. They are always made of high quality materials and exceptional workmanship. The Aliens are no exception and the G10 from which they are made is clean finished with no rough edges, except where they are supposed to be rough.

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Fit: The fit on my Kimber was perfect. The holes aligned perfectly with the bushings and the grips fell right into place. I did sand about 1/16” off the top of the right grip panel so my thumb safety would fully disengage. I do not consider this an issue with the grips because my thumb safety is oversized and every one is slightly different. The G10 can be sanded easily and doesn’t change the look or functionality of the grips whatsoever. After shooting a couple of matches with these grips, the grip screws did loosen slightly. I attribute this to the hardness of the G10 which doesn’t allow for the screws to be tightened like wood or other softer materials would. VZ sells some small o-rings that you can place under the grip screws to allow them to be tightened more.

Overall Impression: My overall impression is that these are the most aggressive grips I have personally handled and shot. If you use these on your carry gun (like I do) and the gun is tight against your side (as it should be) you might want to wear an undershirt. If you have sensitive hands or are otherwise sensitive to abrasion, you might want to try something different, like a wood rasp! Some would not recommend these grips for a carry gun. I say, what better grips could you want? If you ever have to draw your weapon in self defense, the last thing you want is for your gun to slip out of your hand. Once you get your grip on the firearm, it isn’t moving. Two handed, one handed, strong hand, weak hand, doesn’t matter.

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Very Aggressive
17 color choices available
Price (VZ offers periodic coupon codes)
Perfect fit

Screws can work loose
Can irritate your side

OVERALL RATING: 4.75 hollowpoints (out of 5)

VZ Grips can be found on the web at www.vzgrips.com or followed on Facebook Posted Image


Those look awesome. Im going with the Operators.
Good looking grips for sure.