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Thrust Button Review

I find that as I get older, I appreciate the little things in life. And like many of you out there, there never seems to be enough money to buy every toy I want. It is a blessing when a piece of gear comes along that, although small in stature, goes along way in the functionality department without breaking the bank.

I recently had the opportunity to run the "Thrust Button" through it's paces. Basically, the "Thrust Button" is a sling swivel attachment. Plenty of those around. What makes this piece special is that it also works as a barricade support/stop piece. And it performs this task admirably.
[imgleft]http://www.boomershooter.com/reviews/thrust/t2.jpg[/imgleft]The "Thrust Button" was designed by Brian Lambert, and is produced by CAD Innovations right here in Okie-homa. It is machined from 6061 T6 aluminum, wears a black anodized finish, and has QD sling swivel For 1 1/4" sling. The front edge of the device features aggressive serrations, while the rest of the device body is nicely checkered. The device is essentially three pieces, the QD swivel, the main body, and the handguard attachment nut. Currently the device is available for Loki handguards, but I'm told a picatinny version should be out soon.

Installation was a breeze. If you can turn a Allen wrench, you can install the device. Slip the attachment nut behind a slot in the handguard, line up the main body, and start turning the screw. I didn't need to borrow a neighbor's kid to help me. Piece of cake.
I mounted the device on the left side of my Loki XLhandguard equipped AR15 that is designated as my SWAT competition rifle. I mounted it as far forward as possible. Anyone who shoots comp know that sticking too much gun trough a port or beyond a barricade is a time killer. I also found that by mounting the device way out front, it acted as a thumbrest for my support hand. I do not know if it was intended for this role, but it sure as hell worked.

The device worked great for gaining extra support when shooting thru ports and around barricades. The serrations gave enough bite to steady the rifle, but not so much that I couldn't pull the rifle from position leaving the port.
I actually got my hands on a second Thrust Button and mounted it on the right side of the rifle, nearer the receiver. I did this because in SWAT comp we are often forced to shoot off smallish platforms and it may be necessary to put more rifle through some ports.

[imgright]http://www.boomershooter.com/reviews/thrust/t3.jpg[/imgright]I might add that since the devices are mounted on a SWAT gun, it was necessary to modify them slightly. They take a coat of camouflage Krylon like a champ!

I spoke with Brian Lambert after I had the device for some time. I mentioned that it worked well as a handstop/thumbrest kinda thing. Basically, he notified me that I am dumb and that is what it was intended for. I bought it to give me support on barricades/walls, etc.... I thought I was a genius for discovering it's freestyle capability..... But again, I've been denied of my intellectual glory.

Again, this is a cool little widget, that is functional and isn't so expensive you have to put off your kidney transplant. I have no complaints whatsoever.

The Thrust Button can be ordered from Tony Wall at www.makereadyproshop.com.


Nice review brother. Sorry to hear about your intellectual glory :(