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Shot Show 2013 - My Favorite Products

Here are some of my favorites from Shot Show 2013:

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I really like these stocks - I actually have one on order. This is the perfect home defense stock IMO.

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Daniel Defense - integrated supressor SBR - 1 tax stamp - YES PLEASE!!!

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If I remember correctly the weight on this tube was around 9oz WITH barrel nut!!!!

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My next 1911 - Dan Wesson Guardian - Alloy Frame w/ V-Bob!!!

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Everyone(read WormyDog) needs an iPhone mounted to their ACOG

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My next production gun if Tanfoglio and EAA can get their shit together. Stock 3!!!

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Bitchin Gerber Tomahawk!

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I don't know why but I NEED one of these!

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Not sure what this is good for but its def bad ass!!

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The new 4" Duty One from STI.


That duty 1 is badass.

Is that Iphone adapter available for standard scopes? I have so many ways I could use that.

Like you, the sig MPX pistol is badass looking, but how would I conceal that in my speedo around the pool??


the DD intregral supressed AR is just totally badass. Gun porn for sure.

Is that carbon handguard a Lancer, or possibly VTAC?

I love the FAB stock look. I want the spare mag/monopod combo. Can't wait.

would be perfect for hunting documentary.

Thats my thinking. There are scopes out there that will record the shot, but they run in the 1K plus range.

Is that carbon handguard a Lancer, or possibly VTAC?


Another thumbs up on that carbon fiber stock. Would like to know who makes them also. PS Great job posting and taking all those pics!!!

I didn't take the pic my buddy did but by looking at the shirt of the guy it looks like "Lancer"

The Gl-Mag stocks have been around awhile and are instock at mako as well as quite a few on ebay. The "new" model not yet available includes the drop down monopod.


http://www.ebay.com/... stock&_sacat=0

add duty 1 to the list...didn't need to add to the list....