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trigger guard 3gn

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Posted 31 July 2013 - 05:18 PM

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3 Gun Trigger Guard 8-3-13
Time - Sign@ 8:45am shooting starts 9:30am
Entry Fee - $20.00 / Member's $15.00
Ammo - 100 Pistol, 100 Shotgun, 100 AR, 5 Buckshot, 5 Slugs

Stage's - 5

Stage 1 "On the Move"
Starting from the far left side of the bay AR at the ready you will engage ten AR targets on the move then ground you AR, drawer your pistol engage six pistol targets on the move holster your pistol (empty). Pick up your shotgun and engage eight shotgun targets on the move. Each shot you take while not on the move is a procedural.

Stage 2 "15 Sec Flat"
The shooter will have a max of 15 sec to shot 8 pistol target and eight shotgun targets in any order.

Stage 3 "Ace in the sleeve"
The shooter will be sitting down pistol on the table (loaded). At the buzzer you will notice the guy across the table is cheating with an ace up the sleeve you will shoot him twice, then you will stand up and engage his friends all eleven of them double tap to the body, then ground your pistol pick up your AR and engage all again to the head ending with a 30 yard shot to an ace.(From a normal size deck of cards)

Stage 4 "5 by 3"
Starting at 130 yards you will hit five AR targets, you will then run to a roof top at 100 yards engage 5 AR targets, then low crawl 5 yards and engage from the prone 5 AR targets.

Stage 5 "Shotgun hello Stage"
The shooter will start with shotgun at the ready, then engage 30 birdshot, 1-5 buck shot and 1-5 slugs. The shots will be mixed. Enjoy!!!


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