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In Topic: Guns for sale.

12 August 2016 - 09:45 PM

If everyone is like me our free money is either gone or tied up.... if I had the spare change I'd be wanting to put my hands on that 1100! always liked the older ones or the ones back when I was a kid lol Have you tried that other site :-O Later,



In Topic: 16" carbine concealed bag?

18 July 2016 - 09:17 PM

I just got a normal bag with a few slots on the outside for mags, it's that multi cam sorta pattern, doesn't really look to tactical and with a 18" barrel, full stock it's pretty compact and depending on how you carry it not too noticeable, now if your going to carry it around in the public all bets are off! this one stays under my back seat just in case a social event happens, surprise range time or a coyote shows up in the wrong place. I think if you stay away from the normal tactical colors you'll be ok as some things just jump out at people. Later,



In Topic: First/second focal plane

08 June 2016 - 09:40 PM

When you get into something that you REALLY have to know your drops the 1st focal plane is nice like on my LR rifles when you go from targets from say 300 to 500 to 250 to 600 if you know your drops you can just use your reticle and not worry about the power setting as it's accurate at any power, unlike a 2nd focal plane that has a set power it's accurate at, most are accurate at the highest setting. When I was shooting 3G well I shot irons and just held over if the targets were past 200.... I really don't think you'd see any advantage in 3G going with a 1st focal plane scope! just get out and shoot so you know where your hold overs are and run! keep it simple!


Next time I head out to the range if you want you can look thru one of my 1st focal plane scopes and pretty sure that would be all it would take to convince you it's not needed for what your shooting. Later,



In Topic: Savage Trophy hunter package?

27 April 2016 - 04:59 PM

Thing about the Savage is say down the road you get tired of say you get a 243... knock the barrel loose, unscrew and put say a 308 or 7-08 OR change out the bolt head and go to a 223 OR WSM or about any other short action caliber. I know you probably have heard it before but do yourself a favor and buy a good scope! it might take a week or months of skipping lunch out but your eyes will thank you in the long run and you'll be happier. Later,



In Topic: Barrett Model 82A1 .50 BMG

26 April 2016 - 02:43 PM

I always used to want a 50, shot p dogs one afternoon with an AR50 down in Hobbs, NM but I just never could justify one.... I can't even really stretch the legs on my 308 that often so I'm sure a 50 wouldn't get much use BUT the cool factor is up there around 8 on a scale of 10 hehe Later,