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2 Rifle match, any interest?

12 September 2018 - 12:26 PM

A few of us gunners from the NW have went up to Raton and shot the Nightforce Practical/Tactical 2 Rifle match and all agree it was one of the most fun matches we’ve ever shot. We are talking about bringing that format of match to Oklahoma and would like some feedback and judge if there would be any interest in that type of match. Basically the shooter uses a precision rifle to engage targets 400-900 yards and a .223 carbine to engage targets 10-300 yards, usually shooting the carbine first then the PR. Two formats could be used, either an individual match where the shooter uses both guns on every stage, or a team match where one shooter uses the PR and the other the carbine (with a switch mid match). The match would either take place in Woodward at Butch’s range, in or at facility in the central part of the state. Looking at a $75-100 match fee with money paid back to the top shooters, and maybe a few sponsored prizes that we would give on a random draw. Just looking to see what you guys think! More info on this type of match can be found here... https://johnson3gun....-30-july-1-2018
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OKC 3gun this weekend?

21 January 2018 - 07:59 PM

Anybody know if the 3gun match is on for Saturday? It’s on the OCGC web site, but I haven’t seen anything here.

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