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#256221 Today's storms in Ok.

Posted by dennishoddy on 20 May 2019 - 07:38 PM

Hope everyone is safe and dry. First time in 30 years of living in this house that we can't get out of our driveway because of high water. We live in the country, and it's total flood waters right now. 

#256209 Ponca city USPSA, 5/11/2019, cancelled

Posted by dennishoddy on 08 May 2019 - 07:37 PM

Due to lack of help to set up, the match is cancelled.

#256202 Ponca City Steel Challenge 4/27/2019 results

Posted by dennishoddy on 28 April 2019 - 08:06 PM


#256200 Ponca City Steel Challenge, 4/27/19, 0900 hrs

Posted by dennishoddy on 24 April 2019 - 07:11 PM

Looks like Mother Nature is going to take pity on us this month!!

April 27, 2019

Monthly Steel Challenge Match

6 stages

150 round minimum

I'll be out there about 0800 to start setting up. If you can come help that'd be awesome!!

Match should start about 0900.

As usual several of us go eat at Danny's BBQ afterwards.


#256188 Ponca City USPSA, 4/13/19----Canceled

Posted by dennishoddy on 10 April 2019 - 07:44 PM

Due to the latest weather forecast of rain in the morning and strong winds, we are going to cancel this weekends match. 
We will try again in May. 


#256169 Dick's Non-Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy

Posted by dennishoddy on 29 March 2019 - 09:02 PM

Dicks are dicks. They have been off my list for a long time along with Cheaper than Dirt. CTD screwed me on a gun deal, and I don't forget. Still subscribe to their catalogs so I can personally throw them unopened into the trash knowing I just cost them some more money to mail it to me. I figure in about 10 more years I'll be even with them money wise.

#256139 Enhanced Sights

Posted by dennishoddy on 05 March 2019 - 08:40 PM

I'm a red dot guy. The aging eyes don't focus well  keeping front sight, rear sight and target in focus. 

#256104 Ponca City USPSA, 3/9/2019, CANCELLED

Posted by dennishoddy on 06 February 2019 - 11:38 PM

Come on out Saturday and shoot our February match with us. Sign up starts at 8:40 and match will begin shortly after 9:00. Expect 175 rounds or so and eight stages. 
It might be a bit chilly first thing in the morning, but it’s supposed to warm up into the 40's. 
We will start setup Friday at 2:30, come on out and help if you can. 


#256083 Ponca City Steel Challenge, 1/26/2019, 0900

Posted by dennishoddy on 23 January 2019 - 07:41 PM

This Saturday is our monthly Steel Challenge Match.

Set-up will start a little after 0800.  If you can make it to help set 
up that would be awesome!!

Shooting will begin about 0900.

6 stages

150 rounds minimum

$10 for club members

$15 for non club members


#256065 What's your fun gun?

Posted by dennishoddy on 15 January 2019 - 07:10 PM

My how things have changed since this post was started. Box of bulk 550 round federal .22 RF ammo was going for $100 a box at gun shows and they couldn't keep it in stock. 

Now it's easy to find at .04 cents a round.  Recently bought CCI .22 mag in 50 round boxes for $5. 

I'm stocking it deep. Never get caught with out .22 RF ever again. 

#256062 Is it Legal in Oklahoma?

Posted by dennishoddy on 13 January 2019 - 10:29 PM

Great info guys!
Appreciate the discussion.

#256059 Is it Legal in Oklahoma?

Posted by dennishoddy on 13 January 2019 - 03:10 PM

What Rick said. The barrel length on the shockwave-style shotguns is under 18 inches. So it's a felony because it doesn't include "intended to be fired from the shoulder" or "having a stock" or anything similar in the definition like under the NFA. Under that definition, the Taurus Judge is illegal too. Even all 9mm, 40, and 45 pistols would be illegal if the snakeshot you can buy at walmart "may reasonably be expected to be able to cause lethal injury." Under the NFA, shotguns are defined to include "intended to be fired from the shoulder," which the shockwave-style shotguns clearly aren't. See 26 USC 5845.

21 OS 1289.18:


A. "Sawed-off shotgun" shall mean any firearm capable of discharging a series of projectiles of any material which may reasonably be expected to be able to cause lethal injury, with a barrel or barrels less than eighteen (18) inches in length, and using either gunpowder, gas or any means of rocket propulsion.

B. "Sawed-off rifle" shall mean any rifle having a barrel or barrels of less than sixteen (16) inches in length or any weapon made from a rifle (whether by alteration, modification, or otherwise) if such a weapon as modified has an overall length of less than twenty-six (26) inches in length, including the stock portion.

C. Every person who has in his possession or under his immediate control a sawed-off shotgun or a sawed-off rifle, whether concealed or not, shall upon conviction be guilty of a felony for the possession of such device, and shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00), or imprisonment in the State Penitentiary for a period not to exceed two (2) years, or both such fine and imprisonment.

D. It is a defense to prosecution under this section, if the approved application form that authorized the making or transfer of the particular firearm to the defendant, which indicates the registration of the firearm to said defendant pursuant to the National Firearm's Act, is introduced.

26 USC 5845:


The term “shotgun” means a weapon designed or redesigned, made or remade, and intended to be fired from the shoulder and designed or redesigned and made or remade to use the energy of the explosive in a fixed shotgun shell to fire through a smooth bore either a number of projectiles (ball shot) or a single projectile for each pull of the trigger, and shall include any such weapon which may be readily restored to fire a fixed shotgun shell.

I was under the understanding that the Taurus Judge an using snake shot in pistols was legal because of the rifled barrels. The Judge is not a smooth bore.

#256042 Is it Legal in Oklahoma?

Posted by dennishoddy on 09 January 2019 - 09:50 AM

Your reasoning sounds perfectly logical to me! [emoji106]

whats “odd” is that the city attorney who is a lawyer told you to contact a lawyer about the very thing he should be in charge of.....city ordinances.

#256038 USPSA, Ponca City, 1/12/2019, 0900hrs

Posted by dennishoddy on 08 January 2019 - 07:38 PM

At this moment we are planning on having our monthly match this Saturday. Expect 8 stages and around 175 rounds.
Sign up should start at 8:40 and rounds should start going down range shortly after 9:00.
At the moment there is a 100% chance of rain Friday and 30% on Saturday morning. Once we see the forecast Thursday, we will announce setup time for Friday.


#256023 Happy New Year

Posted by dennishoddy on 01 January 2019 - 05:28 PM

I wish you guys would quit typing so loud....my head hurts....