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38 Super

03 January 2012 - 01:53 PM

Need some advise. I plan on starting to reload for the 38 Super (store bought is too expensive and weak - on the upside recoil is 22ish). This will be for a full size EAA Witness so the case is fully supported. Anyone have a good load for this round in this particular shootin' iron? Any ideas on whether to use 38 Super Comp brass or just stick with the regular stuff (I have bout 200 brass in the semi-rimmed stuff). The extractor on this thing is very tight which makes me wonder if it was cut for Super Comp but I managed to file and polish it out so that it no longer FTCs - action is still delayed though.

Witness Parts

18 February 2011 - 12:17 PM

I have an all steel witness in 38 super that seems to have an extractor that is too short. Apparently someone decided to replace it at some point - probably why I got a good deal on it. Causes feeding problems - grabs the case head and holds it against the breach face tightly. I need to find a place to get one locally (OKC/Tulsa) or at least look at one to compare in case something else is wrong - or if someone could give me the dimensions that it is supposed to be I can measure. I am guessing it was the 9mm extractor that they put in it as I have another CZ clone in 9mm that has the same dimension extractor in it. I tried to file it a bit but to get it down far enough would compromise it's strengty and I don't want a non-functioning firearm laying around unnecessarily. Anyone out there familiar with it?

New but not "New"

18 February 2011 - 09:25 AM

Another refugee from the other forum. OKShooters is having a lot of trouble lately. Found this one by accident while looking for EAA Witness parts.
Partial to CZ and clones - particularly EAA Witness, Savage and Winchester and Taurus. Own a S&W auto but not sure if I am happy about it or not (still having trouble getting over the bone headed S&W behavior from all those years ago). Like Abbey Ales, Brandy and occasionally a really good Bourbon. Do some home brewing. Fix my own vehicles/house/guns and prefer to do-it-myself first - I hate being dependent on someone else when I am capable of handling it even it if takes a little longer or I have to go learn something. Cheers!