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    This forum is dead.

    I actually love this board but my life has been crazy busy after a lot of changes in a very changes in a short amount of time I’ll do my best to getting back here and communicating more
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    WTB 10mm brass

    Thanks for the tip I will get online and order some from Starline , I would not sell any of my personal stash at .16 per round.
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    GLOCK 34 with COMP TAC-USPSA Production ready

    Goodwink im interested PM sent
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    WTB Internal Frame Pack

    As the title implies I am looking for a used internal frame backpack between 60 and 70 liters, with external dimensions that are no larger than 62 linear inches or relatively close to 62 linear inches. I will consider new and used packs of recent and more vintage manufacture (nothing older than...
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    Ammo and Mags

    lock it up please everything is gone.
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    Made a trade with the man my 40 ammo for his 9mm ammmo . He is a good man to deal with
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    who's broke and needs what?

    i could use a job.
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    Ammo and Mags

    mags are all gone. Ammo is still available. $150 for all of it or a trade.
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    Ammo and Mags

    I have 300 rounds of Winchester 40 S&W ammunition I cannot use. 200 rounds of ball and 100 rounds of 180 grain hollow point. I would like $200 FTF in Oklahoma , I will trade for a used Suunto Ambit 2 , or another training watch depending on what make and model it is. I will also would be happy...
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    WTS /WTT AR15

    This is gone lock it up please
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    WTS /WTT AR15

    I have a Bushmaster AR15 rifle with a 20 inch 1 in 7 Colt HBAR upper 5.56 chamber, Troy 13 inch Free Float Rail, Arms Riser with BUIS and a RRA two stage NM trigger. This rifle is very accurate with 75 grain bullets. The barrel is in great shape and has lots of life. I do have the upper for...
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    WTS/WTT Colt HBAR Upper

    I decided to go back to a KISS upper and would like to sell my Colt HBAR flat top . 1 in 7 5.56 chamber Colt HBAR Upper includes BCG and CH, Troy 13 inch rail, flash hider and ARMS riser with built in BUIS. The upper has had approximately 2000 rounds though it in all the years I have...
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    WTS 303 hand loading components brass, bullets and dies

    This is gone , lock it up please.
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    WTS 50" Plasma Samsung

    Per our emails I will take it . Get back to me when you can on the date and time.
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    USGI Flashlights

    These are all gone lock it up please.