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    Range Officer Class in Oklahoma - Gauging Interest

    I have been watching the post but keep forgetting to mention this to my other main club shooters. This would be great for several of us here in SW KS. I read back thru the posts and probably missed it but how much does it cost? Any requirements needed to take the class?
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    I bought a gun or something gun related today

    I have wanted a PMR30 for a couple years now. Not sure why but I want one and I will eventually get one. But I have been extra broke lately and all $$ going to life and not love LOL
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    2018/2019 Program?

    That is really sad news. I understand the flustration though. FB just reaches so many people. Unfortunately nothing else can seem to get the traffic of FB. I have met some really good people I consider friends now juts because a conversation was stated because we had the same jersey on. This is...
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    2018/2019 Program?

    Yes please! Fingers crossed!!
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    2018 Official Prize Drawing Thread

    Thanks again Tony!!
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    2018 Official Prize Drawing Thread

    My thoughts exactly. Thanks again to those who made the program possible
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    2018 Official Prize Drawing Thread

    Wow!!! Awesome Matthew!!! Congratulations buddy!!
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    Mike Cott | Point Tracking Thread

    Nordic Components Certificate for PCC rifle 16" rifle or 8.5" pistol $1,599.00 Hailey Ordnance AR-15 16" BBL, 15" Handguard $1,500.00 Hailey Ordnance Certificate for Suppressor including tax stamp $1,000.00 Tooth & Nail Armory Certificate for Tooth & Nail Armory 9mm PCC - $899 (FFL Item) $899.00...
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    2017 Contingency Entries

    I do understand it's not a easy task to make the program happen. I would just think that the vendors would want the product to the shooters ASAP, like sending out product in the coming October or November, so we could have new 2018 jerseys by now. I would think getting 2018 sponsors to only have...
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    2018 Fort Sill Multi Gun Championship

    I am looking forward to it!!
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    What to do with so much brass?

    Took all my buckets to the gun show this weekend and sold all my brass by the pound. It was separated by caliber so I got a little more than mixed brass and sold it all in one stop.
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    Opinions for a competition PCC

    Are you really going to change the mag setup anyway? I like the idea for sure but Glock mag lowers are defiantly the most popular for good reason. Who wants to use $130 2011 mags for PCC? If you already shoot M&P or something compatible with the Nordic then maybe but otherwise set it up for...
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    30 round .223/5.56 Magazines

    20,30, and 40rnd Pmags are all I have used for 3gun the last 5yrs. See with extensions and some not. Same 10 mags to BTW. I may replace my 30's soon since they get used the most but Pmags just work.
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    Used Remington Versa Max w/ 22" barrel

    Practiscore now has a classifides called Ken's list and there is one listed there
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    Mike Cott | Point Tracking Thread

    Match name: Sand and Sage USPSA Match date: 11-25-2017 Link to scores: Video/photo proof: Total contingency points: 20