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    Best out of the box production gun

    Glock 17/34. What other gun will run to over 300,000 rounds and beyond. You get used to the trigger after about 50,000 rounds. How does Vogel do that magic with a Glock? After all, he started with an STI. By the way, MPs are starting to have issues with barrel life and extractors. I think Julie...
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    USPSA Carry Optics Division

    Yea, we had like 3 guys running Carry Optics at todays USPSA match, 100 shooters. It's like Open 10 in Hawaii....
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    How do You Carry? POLL

    Any of these, Alabama Hooker appendix, there is no Glock to big to carry. Dress for the mess. It's a little easier in Southern California, we don't have open carry in California, it scares the soccer moms... Besides if you open carry, the cops think you are another cop, until they find out you...
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    [No] Training before you carry

    Reality is if you CCW and have no training at all, especially close quarter stuff, odds are your gun will be used against you. The qualification for my county is pathetic. 10 rounds at 5 yards on a B27 target. I have witnessed requals where CCW holders couldn't pass. All you have to do is put 10...
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    I had plenty of Chips back in the day, but when I retired from 1911's I was running Tripp Research cobras. They have a unique follower.
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    Idiot Question

    Bill, the S&W 4506 is not legal for SS. So in the beginning of time, John Moses Browning delivered the 11 commandments. The 11th being "Single Stacks are, will and shall always be only be a 1911. You shall not put other guns in front of the 1911, especially not false guns like Glocks" So it was...
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    Yea, just letting him know how things roll.. Everyone had to start somewhere, like we did back in the late 60's before IPSC. Stuff is better now but I still have a holster like that somewhere.
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    OP, what you have is not a compensator, it's a ported extension that replaces the barrel bushing on a 1911 to take out a little muzzle rise. Compensators have a very precise bore and ports to direct the gun straight back and without any muzzle rise. And to get compensators to run well it takes...
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    Production Unlimited

    Try Limited Minor, Open Minor, it makes the target 1/3 the size, like all steel match.
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    Competition as I Carry...

    When I first starting running an IDPA club back in March of 98, all the boys and I (USPSA shooters) thought it was really important to use our actual carry/duty guns, run full house issue ammo, IWB holsters and "real world' concealment garments. So here I am with my OEM G19, running 127+P+ duty...
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    Need to get Classified

    Jess, looks like you have 4 clubs in your Area. You don't actually need to go to a classifier, but rather you have to have one of the listed officers sign off your classification card, ie, you could set it up in your back yard and have them witness the results and sign off. We did that for...
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    Glock magazine springs

    My OEM springs seem to have lasted for years, oldest one since 92, but the ISMI 140mm extensions get soft around a year out, 4-6 matches a month. The first generation Glock magazines were only metal lined on 3 sides and will swell up and not pop out. Thats why most Glock models have the half...
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    Glock 17c for production?

    BGA, I've been running Glocks since 92 and I don't feel any real difference in recoil between a G17 and G17C, although there is a slight difference with the G19, even with 9m+P+. Why not just go with a G17 for production? or build a 9 Major Open on a G17L platform? Doc, my experience is the...
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    Hey from SoCal

    Thanks Jess, DVC, but mostly C!
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    Needing advice on G35/G34

    For 3 gun, you are better of just to get a G34. The problem with conversion barrels is, they may, or may not run 100%, even with changing the ejector and extractor. I tried with my G24 and got to about 95%. The small frame Glocks are all the same lowers, except for the ejector in the trigger...