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    Defcon Winter Dry Fire Training Series

    I had a schedule change and we had to move these classes to new dates. Class 17-01 will be on Friday, Nov. 17th at 6pm, Class 17-02 will be on Friday Dec. 1st at 6pm.
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    Defcon Winter Dry Fire Training Series

    PCC shooters: Dont be shy. These classes will work for you also. There is not a lot out there on how to train for PCC in USPSA/IDPA. Come on out and we'll get you started.
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    Defcon Winter Dry Fire Training Series

    CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT: Over the winter off-season months I will be conducting classes at Defcon Firearms and Training in Moore, OK. These class sessions will focus on your off-season dry fire training. We will work together on your current skills and develop a training plan for you to follow in...
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    2017 Oklahoma Section Championship

    This was one of the best matches I have been too. It ran super smooth and I did not hear one negative word about the match from any shooter. It seemed like everyone had a blast. The stages were awesome. Nothing to fancy, just good ole speed with some accuracy thrown in. I had a lot of fun...
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    Stages for dry fire

    The purpose of dryfire is to improve on mechanics and fundamentals. USPSA and SC use the same skills but are two different animals because you have set stages in SC and you dont know what your going to get at different USPSA matches. Depending on what you are specifically training for you can...
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    H&H USPSA Match cancelled indefinitely....

    This sucks but it is what it is. Thank you to all the people who put in hard work over the years to run the match. It was a popular one. I'm glad I got to go to one before it shut down.
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    USPSA @H&H this Sunday

    I'm coming. Never been to an H&H match.
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    Grip: holding it wrong or size matters

    Grip size of the handgun shouldn't be a huge issue until your shooting smaller compact guns. I have the same grip and grip pressure on a G19 as I do on my G34. The science: The big dogs shoot every nationals. Single stack to open. A lot of different grip sizes between a 1911 and 2011 open gun...
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    Veterans Charity Match

    Thanks to everyone for coming out. I feel like we all had a pretty good time. There were some speed bumps during the match trying to get 4 organizations working together. A lot of the crew at Tri-City Gun Club said they learned a lot about practical pistol matches and running matches. There were...
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    Practice Makes Perfect, but where?

    Your on the right track
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    Veterans Charity Match

    Of course, I wish I would have been involved with this match earlier before the date was set. There is a large population of shooters in the state that do not attend major USPSA matches though. Look at last weekends OKCGC USPSA. 76 shooters and I bet not even a third of them go to majors. I...
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    Veterans Charity Match

    Just a couple days left to get in on this match. Come support a great charity!…/register
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    Practice Makes Perfect, but where?

    Stage planning and execution are the hardest to train. In the planning portion you get 5mins to figure out a stage in a way that best suits your skill level. One of the biggest things I see people do wrong is to watch the GM/M shooter and think thats the only way to shoot the stage. That guy...
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    Top 10 shooters in Oklahoma?

    Just came across this thread. Kinda crazy to see myself mentioned, thanks a lot guys.
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    Veterans Charity Match

    Match has been lowered to $40 match fee