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    Newbe shadow 2

    LOK Palm Swell Bogies grips. Using for competition? If so, check out Double Alpha PDR PRO-II
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    WTB 2011 9mm

    I have an STI Marauder 9mm (actually I have two, one is my backup gun) that I may be parting with in order to get a custom 2011 in .40. My backup Marauder has under 500 rounds on it (just shot that many to break it in). Has a Dawson "Lo Pro" mag button and mag release. Dawson current "new" price...
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    Gym Workout

    Three times a week at the gym with the weights and stationary bicycle. Walk a mile every evening (with my two Weimaraners). When I workout I eat better, sleep better, and have more energy.
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    STI Marauder or DVC limited?

    I have a Marauder in 9mm and an Edge in .40. My friend has a DVC Limited in .40. I shot about 100 rounds through his DVC at the range. I use the Marauder for local 2-gun, IDPA, other action shooting and the Edge for USPSA Limited. I like the Marauder. I prefer the Edge over the DVC in .40. Other...
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    Sig P320 to replace M9 for the Army

    Between the news of the Army contract and the hype building up around the P320X5--Sig will likely sell a lot of pistols to the civilian market (myself excluded). My Glock RTF2 with Wilson Combat Sights and Vanek trigger is my polymer gun of choice. All hail the new hotness. P.S. Didn't the FBI...
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    New Vortex Optics Viper PST 1-6x24

    That looks sweet! MOA or MRAD--which is "best" for 3-gunning?
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    2011 pistol preferences

    STI Marauder is an excellent choice for 3-gun (9mm). I really like mine. I have an STI Edge (.40) for USPSA (major). If you want to shoot USPSA Limited then get an Edge in .40. If you want a good gun that will work in 3-Gun, IDPA, and USPSA then get the Marauder (but you will shoot minor in...
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    This is what it takes to keep an old shooter going!

    Add a good bottle of bourbon to that list. That way you are a refined and distinguished old shooter. P.S. I was expecting to see a classic or exotic firearm when I opened this thread.
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    Stoeger M3k or Mossberg 930 JM Pro tactical?

    I was visiting with a Fed LE guy that shoots 3-Gun, USPSA, etc. with us in a LGS today about 922r. He is from Arkansas originally and has shot some matches with some of your Oklahoma gents. He told me the same thing "applies to manufacturers and not the end user." I'm figuring a Fed LE...
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    Stoeger M3k or Mossberg 930 JM Pro tactical?

    What do you mean by "add only a magazine extension to?" I tried to understand the 922r, but got a headache. Are you saying all is okay if you add other American made parts to the gun besides the extension tube?
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    Stoeger M3k or Mossberg 930 JM Pro tactical?

    I have a Stoeger M3K 3-Gun (and an upgraded Franchi with Benelli parts and opened loading port). I've used the Stoeger in two matches. Just make sure that you follow their instructions on ammo (3 Dram eq. minimum). I am going to have the loading port opened/beveled this spring. I've been using...
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    Bulleit Bourbon

    You guys been drinking too much bourbon (or I have not had enough yet)?
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    Bulleit Bourbon

    I like it as well as their 10-year bourbon and Rye whiskey. But I also like Blanton's, Four Roses Single Barrel, Russell's Reserve Single Barrel, Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit, Rare Breed, Old Weller Antique, Eagle Rare, Angel's Envy . . . (I could continue, but end result is that I like good...
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    First Match Using Stoeger 3K 3-Gun

    Will do. So far I really like the Marauder. I put a Dawson extended mag release on it and am running MBX 140mm mags (can't get STI mags right now--on perennial backorder). I've been shooting various live fire practice drills with it and one of those is a 21' "dot drill" using an NRA target with...
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    First Match Using Stoeger 3K 3-Gun

    For anyone interested in how the Stoeger 3K 3-Gun runs. I bought the 3K 3-Gun as a backup shotgun for two-gun and three-gun. The only things I did to it was a quick cleaning and adding a Nordic extension (running 10 + 1). We had a two-gun match today (brutally hot in the Midwest today). We had...