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    Hello BoomerShooter!

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    This forum is dead.

    Maybe I missed something but don’t see anything happening here preventing that.
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    This forum is dead.

    This forum is for sure. May merge it with a more active forum.
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    Hello BoomerShooter!

    No one is doing competition shooting at the moment - forum died long before I took it over.
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    Sorry to hear you got laid off - happy to merge the account if you'd like just send me a PM with the name! Anyhow welcome back!
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    Re introduction

    Welcome to the community!
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    BoomerShooter News

    Would be happy to try to automate that again, do we have a source on the matches?
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    Assault weapons ban comes to Canada

    Man - I dislike politics greatly, but Canada what happened?
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    Century Canik

    How much are we talking? I see these all the time posted in a facebook group. I can't decide if they are joking or not.
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    SVI Infinity 9mm Stainless

    Great, were you able to make a deal?
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    SVI Infinity 9mm Stainless

    I'll see if I can't ping Jesse directly via email. Hopefully you guys can make a deal.
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    Boomer Shooter Chit Chat.

    Thanks - I don't believe it will happen...exactly when we want it to - but it will happen. If that's the worst that happens this year...I consider ourselves extremely lucky.
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    Benelli M4

    That's a good price.
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    Boomer Shooter Chit Chat.

    It's friday. Going to cook a steak this evening. At least I have a cold beer to go with it. Looking forward to relaxing.
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    XDm competition gun

    Congrats on the quick sale, that was a great price. Was it someone on the site or off?