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    Pay yo damn bills!

    That's some funny stuff :mybosssucks:
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    Anyone hear about the mountain lion that got killed over by Minco?

    And if fighting back doesn't work crap yourself so you dn't taste as good. :sign0137:
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    Anyone hear about the mountain lion that got killed over by Minco?

    Mt Lion are in OK regardless of what the state game and fish folks have to say. Too many people have reported them. I hunt a place that I see tracks all the time. I know a cat track when I see one. Its the only animal I truely fear.
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    Any Scuba Divers

    I got my DM cert back in '99 when stationed in Guam. More recently I spent 2 years on the dive team at the Virginia Beach Aquarium and Marine Science Center while stationed in Norfolk, VA. Did tank cleanings and fish feeding shows. Did make some trips down south to the Cooper river and do some...
  5. Bullbuster Deer Hunting Contest!

    Ok got another deer on Saturday and this time I got a pic with BS in it. My son is holding.
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    Who has a boat?

    Lake Ellsworth
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    Any Scuba Divers

    I'm a PADI Dive Master. Been lucky and have dove all over the world. Haven't done any sense I moved to OK but wanted to hit up a few local lakes but need to get my tank filled back up. Hard to really pick a favorite dive as I have done so many different kinds of dives. Day, night, salt, fresh...
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    Deer hunters! Let us know if you do.

    If they have a season for it I try and hunt it. Doesn't matter the species or weapon its all game on for me.
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    Muzzleloader season is coming.

    Just glad the ML laws here in OK are laxed as many states you can't use a scope, fiber optic iron site, in line or even 209 primer much less any of the new electric ignition or smokeless ML's.
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    Deer hunting: classic Far Side cartoon by Gary Larson

    LOL I had some co workes give me one a few years back. I wonder if I could scan it and post it up.
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    Anyone seeing the deer move?

    I been out 3 times with the bow and twice with the ML. Seen deer every time out. Couldn't close the deal on 2 small bucks opening morning of bow and also failed on a doe with the bow. Blew 2 chances at doe with the ML, missed a 6pt and hit a tree but filled my tag about an hour later on another...
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    It's muzzleloader opening day

    Atleast you saw something. I was outa town and missed the first 2 day of the season. My tag is filled now but I wished it was on the first morning.
  13. Bullbuster Deer Hunting Contest!

    NICE BUCK MAN!!! Well I got one on Tuesday but didn't get a pic with BS in it. I already butchered it up and its in the freezer. Only thing I have left is the capped out full body hide in the freezer. It was on my quota hunt so it doesn't count tword my regular total. Only person I had to...
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    Who has a boat?

    Well you have seen pic's of mine before but sense I'm new here I'll show you again Dennis.
  15. Bullbuster Deer Hunting Contest!

    I'll be out with my son from dawn to dusk. Maybe get some killa dillos, yote's and if lucky some nice fat backstraps.