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    IPSC World Rifle Championships, Karlskoga Sweden

    Congrats Mr. Miller.
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    Congratulations and No You May Not

    Congratulations to local shooter, Roy Mercer, on his winning of Brownell's AR-15 and grenade launcher. The "No you may not" statement refers to what he will be told when he asks if he can run it in the next 3-Gun match. Link to story...
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    Oklahoma City CRO Class

    Jeff is interested...Got it :nyam:
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    Oklahoma City CRO Class

    The world needs more CRO's. With a reply here or direct message, how many RO's would be interested in a CRO class towards the end of the year?
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    Ghost Mag Pouches

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    Ghost Mag Pouches

    Everything you see for $40 local. Add shipping otherwise.
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    Dick's Non-Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy

    For those of us that actively choose where to spend, or not spend, our hard earned money, I have a new one to add to the list. Was trying on some clothes at Golf Galaxy in OKC and in the dressing room was a flyer for a points program with, wait for it...Dick's Sporting Goods! Oh, hell no. I...
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    Max Michel Training @ 2019 Oklahoma Section

    Class has reached capacity for 2019. Stay tuned for 2020
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    FS - Leupold DPP 7.5 NIB

    New in box Leupold DPP 7.5. $380 shipped CONUS. PayPal friend or Money Order
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    Practical pistol match this Sunday OKCGC

    Perfect timing. Switching to a CZ P10c with Trijicon RMR for daily carry. Need to see if I can actually shoot it. Plus my MIL is in town and I'm sure she's tired of seeing me around the house....
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    Max Michel Training @ 2019 Oklahoma Section

    I'm proud to announce that the Max Michel Training Academy will be at the Oklahoma Section Championship Match for the 3rd consecutive year in 2019. Max will lead ten participants through an intensive one-day training class on Thursday then shoot the match on Friday with the class. Participants...
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    Sale/Trade stuff

    Did you lose it?
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    Range Officer Class in Oklahoma - Gauging Interest

    Congratulations to 22 new certified Range Officers. Ask for the timer at your next match and run a few shooters. The more beeps you get the more comfortable you'll feel. Thanks to H&H Shooting Sports for hosting the class, Ray Hirst for teaching the class and big thanks to Bryan Hoover for...