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    Beretta 1301 Comp. 21"

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    RMR Mount

    lock it up
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    Beretta 1301 Comp. 21"

    Price drop: $900!!!!!
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    RMR Mount

    Looking to purchase an RMR mount. Thanks!
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    Used Remington Versa Max w/ 22" barrel

    I have a beretta 1301 Competition I am looking to sell if that is something you're interested in. Thanks!
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    Beretta 1301 Comp. 21"

    This is still available for sale/trade. Price: $950
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    Beretta 1301 competition 24"

    Is this still available?
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    All accessories are for a Smith & Wesson J frame, specifically a 442/642. Clipdraw - $15 Bianchi Ankle holster - $40 Kydex IWB holster - $25 Aegis Armory guardian trigger guard cover - $15
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    FFL Transfer - Edmond/OKC

    Who do you all use for online firearm purchases for your local FFL transferer? Looking in the Edmond/OKC area. Also what are you all paying for the transfers if you don't mind telling. Thanks!
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    Springfield Armory LB Operator 1911 .45 ACP

    I am listing for sale my Springfield Amrory LB Operator 1911 chambered in .45 ACP. The gun has approximately 200(flawless) rounds through it and has been carried a handful of times. Overall the gun is in excellent condition and comes with everything from the factory(holster, 2 magazines, box...
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    Beretta 1301 Comp. 21"

    No three gun guys need a new shotgun?
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    Beretta 1301 Comp. 21"

    I am testing interest on my unfired Beretta 1301 Competition with a 21" barrel. It is unfired and comes with everything from the factory. It also includes an extended modified choke. Cash Price: $1000. Only looking to sell. Will email pictures if requested.
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    OKCGC 5th Saturday Shotgun Match 7-30-16

    Never shot a shotgun match before but thinking about coming out. Dilemma #1: My shotgun is a brand new, bone stock Beretta 1301, haven't shot it yet. Dilemma #2: Currently can't use my right eye, so I am in the process of learning to shoot long guns left handed using my left eye. Needless to...