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    WTB XD45 mags/ 1911 Officers mags

    Looking for some extra Springfield XD45 13 round mags. Looking for about 10 total. Also looking for some WILSON mags for an Officers sized 1911. PM me or email me at [email protected] Thanks!
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    WTB: AK in decent shape

    What exactly are you looking for? Collector grade, shooter grade, Russian, Yugo, Wasr?
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    03 FFL in Norman or somewhere on the south side?

    My brother is looking for an 03 FFL to have an SBR sent to. Anyone have any recommendations?
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    WTS/WTT GLOCK 21 O.D. w/ 8 mags & HTS sights

    Selling my May 2005 built Glock 21. It's O.D. green (frame) with HTS sights. You get 8 GLOCK mags with it as well. This gun has less than 200 rounds through it and is in near MINT condition. Price is $550 shipped. ONLY trade I'm looking for is on an XDM 45. MUST ship to an FFL or can do a ftf in...
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    Looking for an upper receiver, flat top with forward assist. LMK what you have and how much. Thanks, CJ
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    WTS: XD45compact

    Do you know if anyone makes an IWB holster for this WITH the light?
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    What's your trade value set at?
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    The "I'll take it" people

    I think "I'll take it" should rule all. If you are already in "negotiations" for something you have posted, and someone posts an I'll take it, that trumps all negotiations. I've lost a few deals where I posted "I'll take it", but the seller was negotiating with someone else. I've had them hit me...
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    Most Expensive Gun?

    My Russian Dragunov is my most expensive gun. BUT....I can clear a cool 8-12K profit any time I decide to sell it I believe. And yes, I shoot the shit out of it.
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    Tell me about AK's

    If it's something you're gonna keep for awhile and then move on to something else, Wasr's the way. If it's something you plan on keeping, I would suggest buying a Yugo. They are the "tank" of the AK's. AND you can buy them relatively cheap as well. Not Wasr cheap, but still on the bottom end of...
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    Swap Meet

    Is this like man-bear-pig? Half shoot, half eat, half swap meet?
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    What gun started your love of firearms?

    When I was 5 my dad gave me a Stevens single shot 22. That started it for me. He had my name engraved in the barrel before he gave it to me. When my son turned 5, I had his name engraved in the barrel as well and gave it to him. It's in the safe as we speak (type).
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    What is the next firearm you plan to purchase?

    I want a glock when I grow up. :cool2:
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    Anyone else able to get on OSA?

    O:-) No OSA, and still life goes on? THANK YOU JESUS!
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    Academy Sports & Outdoors NICS policy

    I've had my ffl for about 4 years and have NEVER had NICS NOT call me back the next day. The two times I called them the next day, I got a "not ready for response" answer from them.