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    CCI Blazer 22lr for .039 cents per round

    It still works. Thanks Steve!
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    Grip tape placement

    I like the rubberized grip tape because it is not so rough and does not catch on your clothes. It allows you to grip the pistol just as well and does not leave your hands roughed up.
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    Grip tape placement

    I bought a Talon grip for G35 and it works great. However, when I bought my G43, Talon did not make one yet so I made my own. Take a thin piece of paper (like tissue paper) and wrap it around the grip. Draw where you want the grip tape applied. Then cut out the tissue paper and make sure it...
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    Reloading 101 | The Primer

    I started shooting and was hooked. I was shooting so much that my friends told me I should reload. I didn't know anything about reloading or know anyone who did reload. I decided I had to try it. I saved up $1500 and took a reloading class. The reloading class was showing single stage stuff...
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    Trump Rocks!

    I love Trump, if only for this reason. I walked into Academy on I240 yesterday and the entire end carp was 22s. I wonder if everyone was holding on to the 22s until after the election. I then walked into the OKC jail and got another surprise.
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    Jerry's in Tulsa had lots of supply at the Wanenmacher so I am sure he has some too.
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    Looking for a new 22 that you don't have to "make better?"

    My M&P 15-22 is awesome! It is better then both of my 10/22s. You can shoot an entire steel challenge with the 15-22 without any hiccups. Definitely cant do that with either of my 10/22s.
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    Benelli M1 - 28" to 21"

    Will a M1 barrel fit on a M2? I have been wanting a 28" to throw on my M2 for hunting.
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    Coated Bullets?

    That is a good price. ACME is about the same price. You have to use the discount code ENOS10 to get a 10% discount. When I looked at 124gr volume buys, ACME won by $1 a thousand. They beat Bayou by $4 to $5 a thousand. I took into account shipping or the lack thereof. DD78 is correct, if...
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    Coated Bullets?

    Look at Bayou Bullets or ACME bullets too. BBI may also be great, I just don't have any experience with them. You can shoot them all day in a Glock. I have shot thousands through Glocks with no problems at all.
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    Freedom Munitions problems?

    I ordered some bullets from XTreme Bullets on 5-1-16 and it still shows processing on 5-6-16. That is unusual. However, it is also unusual to have 20% off all week. I hope everything is ok.
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    MGM Targets Collection

    That is awesome! Is that at your house? If I had that at my house, my kids might not get any dinner. I would spend every penny on ammo. It looks like moving targets is all you are missing. With all of that steel, I doubt you are missing anything. I say shooting party at your house.
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    Xtreme Bullets 20% off site wide sale

    Thanks for posting this!!!! I had not read my e-mail today. You saved me $100. This made it cheaper than Bayou and about the same price as ACME with the 20% discount. I don't ever remember seeing a 20% discount. The largest discount I remember is a 17% discount on Black Friday. Thanks again!
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    Magnum primers?

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    Adam, This is Dale. Get a holster, belt, magazines and magazine pouches and give me a call. I have all the stands we need to set up a practice stage. Or, we can just show up to a match and jump in. There is no better way to learn than doing it. I had to borrow equipment my first two or...