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    Oklahoma Section

    Flooding is gone. Section match unaffected.
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    Updated High Hit Factors information

    Reshoots in Area 6, mainly. Overall shooters are getting better as the culture evolves, but classifier reshoots are the main factor.
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    Tanfo S2, Witness P, Ruger 22/45, accessories

    Everything is gone except the Witness P
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    Tanfo S2, Witness P, Ruger 22/45, accessories

    Tanfoglio Stock 2 set up for USPSA: trigger job, Henning firing pin and hammer spring, extended FP safety plunger, Dawson front sight, single side safety, LOK G10 grips, Bladetech holster, Ghost mag pouches, RHT 3-Gun holster, all original parts and box. Four new mags, 2 practice mags, 1 mag...
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    Train with Kita Busse(Stoeger) - USPSA Style Movement Class - August 11-12

    This is totally worth it, especially if you are in good enough shape to run around all day.
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    Triple Crown Holsters

    Tits or GTFO
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    CRKT fixed blade

    You leaving that gay tail on it?
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    Beretta 1301 Comp. 21"

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    CRKT fixed blade

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    30 round .223/5.56 Magazines

    Holy crap, what a waste of time and effort. In a mag fed gun, of a standard platform, for a standard common cartridge, OAL simply has absolutely zero value. Use PMags. Your only goal is reliability and durability. You’re shooting an inherently accurate cartridge. OAL is meaningless.
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    Trigger recommendations for a PCC build

    Milspec hammers are known to work in all PCCs. Literally every other modular trigger is known to be hit or miss.
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    Train with Kita Busse - USPSA Style Movement Class - April 26-27 or 28-29

    This is the best value in shooting. I took two Ben Stoeger classes, a Max Michel class, and Kita’s Class last year. Kita’s was by far the most beneficial.
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    Trigger recommendations for a PCC build

    Milspec trigger and hammer, JP springs. Cut off hammer spur. Just like on an AR-15.
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    Trump goes Pro Gun Control

    Fight crime, shoot back
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    Looking for some one-on-one help.

    Sure. Come to the OKC Gun Club on Saturday. After the match I’ll help you out. Match will end 3pm or so.