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    AMERC brass strikes again

    somewhere I picked up a couple AMERC pieces of 9mm brass. They caused a real headache; jammed pistol. You can see the AMERC brass (left) is undersized because the 147 gr bullet bulged it when seated. The other round is a "normal" FC case. So I am checking all my brass very carefully now for...
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    What powders for coated 147gr 9mm

    I started using WSF. 3.9 gr and 147 gr Berry's with CCI500 primer. I have yet to measure MV. Cycles fine in the M&P and BHP. Will get the shake down test on Sat.
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    Stillwater Armory - closed

    I am sad :crying:
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    free shipping at powder valley

    I just got an email from them for free shipping on orders over $150, excludes shot and wads
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    What powders for coated 147gr 9mm

    Would this thread also be pertinent to 9mm 147 gr Berry's Bullets? I am just getting ready to start loading. Who's using what powder with these bullets?
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    I'm Selling "Big Bertha"

    Big Bertha has a new home and new adventures await her. I'll miss her. :cry: close please.
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    1911 Gunsmith recommendation

    prefer someone local OK. wanting a trigger job and replacing front sight. I watched Mr. Dawson's video on how easy it was to replace a 1911 front sight (at least for him). I have a hard time hanging a picture. thanks k
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    45 ACP brass - good price

    check out seller Billy507 on I paid $0.0505 per unit including shipping costs. Very clean brass and no small primers.
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    Trump goes Pro Gun Control

    Donald being Donald, is this that much of a surprise?
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    UML @ The Mound 3-10-18

    What is UML shooting? Recently heard of it but couldn't find any info about it online. thanks
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    Stag Arms Model 3 (AR-15 rifle)

    Dropping price. $875 OBO
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    Stag Arms Model 3 (AR-15 rifle)

    Dropping price. $875. Or make me an offer.
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    I'm Selling "Big Bertha" If you're in need of killing something big, my 375 H&H Mag is available. you don't have to go through Gunbroker to close the deal with me. Ammo is gratis. Tally ho!
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    Equip 2 Conceal - they offer CC training Thoughts/comments on this company? I answered an announcement for employment as "Firearms Instructor". They seemed keen to hire me. The HR person said their company previously operated in OK, but that was some years ago. They want to expand into the state again...
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    Carry on.

    When I taught at a High School in OKC, the written rule was no firearms on school property. The parking lot was school property. To be compliant, I parked on the street. Interestingly parking on the street meant my car and pistol were now closer to the actual campus; just a step off the...