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    FS: Casio G-Shock GA100-1A1

    I bought this watch about a month and a half ago in trying to justify that I'll like it enough to not want a Suunto Core, I was wrong. I bought a Suunto Core and no longer need this guy. It has been everything I wanted in quality, looks, functionality, etc., but didn't have the features I...
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    FS: Gen 4 Glock 22 15rd mags, .40sw ammo-FMJ and HP

    I've gotten rid of my Glock 23 and have the following left over for sale. The Glock 22 mags work in a G23 and G27. I prefer a FTF transaction but will ship the mags at your expense. -2 Brand new factory Gen 4 Glock 22 15rd mags: $25 each or $45 for both -1 factory Gen 3 Glock 22 10rd mag: $10...
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    Scores ProAm 8-24-14 @ Oil Capital

    Great match. It was definitely fun to shoot. I didn't do too bad for my first Pro-Am match since 2011 :)
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    Scores ProAm 8-16-14 @ Oil Capital

    Labor day match.. If our baby doesn't decide to want to be born before then, I'll show up for the match. :)
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    USSA 2 Gun 5-11-2014

    When do you expect the match to be over?
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    JM DAVIS Results

    It was defintely a fun match. Perfect day to shoot! There were also lots of good prizes! I shot the fastest times in 3 of the 6 stages in centerfire iron and still came 2nd place to ol' Trav Foster . LOL. This defintely makes me want to shoot more matches. Big thanks to everyone who came...
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    ProAm this Sat 4-19-14 @ Oil Capital

    Would one be able to go ahead of others and move on to other stages to get out of the match early? I work at 1400 and would need to be home by at least 1230 to get ready for and drive to work.
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    ProAm this Sat 4-19-14 @ Oil Capital

    When does this one expect to be over?
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    USSA ProAm Date Change

    I have a church flag football game on the 29th, but would like to shoot this if possible. I think the last time I shot a Pro-Am match I won (1.5 years or so ago:P). I'd have to mold a holster and mag pouches since I no longer have any.
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    Firebird FPX-15 lower, NIB

    As good as Seekings and Noveske? They are 140 MRSP...
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    Burris Tac30, ASP w/ carrier, Mini 14 mags, Safariland and MAYBE a Coye Alpha Echo..

    Funding a new optic(s) and need to get rid of what I don't need. I just bought the Burris and the other owner said it was new, never shot with, and mounted by 2A in Tulsa. I shot 10 rounds (to sight it in) through my AR with the Tac 30, just not what I want, especially after looking through some...
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    USSA ProAm Sept 9/21

    Maybe I'll find time to make a holster and a few mag pouches so I can play again.
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    USSA PRO AM 6/16/13

    I'm sure it's 10 for members and 15 for non. Pro-Am is Sunda and there are not different divisions. You can shoot pistol then the shotgun match later. Are we still letting people who need to work shoot first and hop from group to group?
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    "Help us have a kid" sale--Ammo, Mags, Safariland, ASP, Streamlight, shot timer..

    The wife and I are spending more then we have in an attempt to conceive. The up front cost with no help from our health insurance are kicking our rear ends and I need to cut loose of extra stuff I have lying around. Help a brother out so we can hopefully have a little ef9turbo running around...