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    This forum is dead.

    There’s a new owner? I got a PM asking about improving the site, but there was no mention of ownership. The PM was from Blackbeard. Focusing on gun rights and meetups? I hope this isn’t an effort to start “auditing” activity.
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    September Concealed Carry match September 2nd

    I think the PCC option is to add a little more money to the match account and fun with bragging rights more than realism. But then there’s the trench coat option.
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    WW2 1911, Sig 556 Pistol, Valdada Pitbull for sale

    Got any pictures of the 556 pistol?
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    What to do with so much brass?

    There are several members on this board that reload. Give it away to other reloaders/shooters or sell it. Breaks my heart to see it go to a scrap yard
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    .45 230 grn Blue Bullets or BBI

    I used to use a Blue Bullets 200 grain flat nose bullet in 45ACP. It worked really well. Apparently they don't sell that particular profile bullet anymore. They now sell a 200 grain SWC. I've shot about 500 of their 147 grain 9mm in my PCC at the Steel Challenges with zero problems. No leading...
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    Duplicating commercial loads

    I've also had the issue with the cases sticking. So far it's only been with the 9mm. Dillon told me that when I pin tumbled the brass it got it too clean and I needed to lube the inside of the case mouths. I've since backed off from using the SS pins and just wet tumbled and havent had any...
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    Veterans Charity Match

    Got it. Thanks Matt.
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    Veterans Charity Match

    I went to the site and it said "registrations closed", but I didn't see anything leading to the scores for that match. Also tried a search by date and didn't find anything.
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    Veterans Charity Match

    What were the match scores? List of winners?
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    Okcgc July shotgun match is canceled

    Where is this "Old Fort" you speak of?
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    Okcgc July 2017 Results

    Looks like PCC is leading the pack.
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    Tri-City 6-4-17 results

    And the winner is.......
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    OKCGC USPSA June 2017

    Good brakes and loose gravel don't mix.
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    May 2017 H&H USPSA Results

    I see PCC took the top three.
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    OKCGC May Steel Challenge 5/20/17