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    The Force of Optics | Vortex

    Keep us posted!
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    American Tactical Mil-Sport 3Gun

    The American Tactical Mil-Sport 3Gun ​will be available for purchase tonight at for only $999.95 AND if you use the code "GT3Gun" when you purchase you get a free accessory kit from Lucas Oil Outdoor Line. You must put my code in the notes to get the accessory kit...
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    New Guy from AR.

    What part of AR are you from? Have you hit any matches yet?
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    WTB: Vortex Spitfire 1x

    I had to make sure I hadn't already posted that I'm wanting to buy one!
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    WTB: Vortex Spitfire 1x

    Yup, Jesse hooked me up with a OP code not too long ago. Trying to see if anybody has picked one off a prize table and needs to get rid of it.
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    WTB: Vortex Spitfire 1x

    I think the title says enough.
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    3Gun Rifle speed vs recoil?

    Also I can hook you up with a 10% off discount code from JP when you get ready!
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    Glock Mag Trade - 17/34 for 22/35

    Your 9mm mags will work with .40's
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    NIB Vortex Spitfire

    Still have this?
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    4 dot EOTech?

    After a TON of research, The spitfire is looking pretty nice
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    4 dot EOTech?

    Going to add a factory division rifle to my arsenal. Looking at an EOTech EXPS3-4. Pros/cons? Other options? I think I like the idea of multiple dots.
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    Ideas for pistol skills improvement for 3 gun

    Or 3 gun will RUIN your USPSA game. At least that's my excuse...
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    FS/T AP Custom L2/6

    Used but hardly abused. $50 cash or trade for something cool. I'm in Hot Springs AR but I shoot in Ft. Smith pretty regular so I can bring it with me and meet up.
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    See title. If you have a stainless steel one to sell, I want it!
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    FS or Trade: LNIB Glock 43

    Sold, lock it up plz