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    STI DVC-O 9mm Open Gun-New in Box

    You'll shoot your junk off, kid..........
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    3rd Saturday of the month at Stillwater Rifle and Pistol Club. It's a lot of fun.
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    3-30-19 Shotgun Match?

    I spy a 5th Saturday on the calendar. Is there any discussion about a shotgun match?
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    UML @ "The Mound" Nov 10 & 11 2018 Who's Going?

    36°24'21.5"N 96°51'17.9"W Paste that into Google Maps. There are two shooting bays that can kinda be seen from the road. Registration will be there. We will drive to each stage. No need to bring a cart.
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    UML @ "The Mound" Nov 10 & 11 2018 Who's Going?
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    UML @ "The Mound" Nov 10 & 11 2018 Who's Going?

    Who's going to Pawnee this weekend? Which day?
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    AR-15 Charge Handle needed in case of 3 Gun Match This Month

    I believe UML is the 21st and 22nd in Pawnee if you need some 3-Gun, or some 2 gun, or some 2x4, or some PCC.
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    OSU Practical Shooting Team - T-shirts and Sponsorship Opportunities

    Robbie, what's the deadline to get orders in? I'm thinking I can get a few of these sold at work.
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    My new CCW 1911

    Holy necroposting....... I at least hope something good shows up for sale in the classified sections once the post count is met.
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    Who can install gas pedal?

    I'm really glad you bought this. Everyday I was having to come up with a reason not to shell out the money for that gun. I was running out of reasons.
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    Glock Limited mods

    Or Moderated.
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    ***Boolits For Sale***

    I'll take 6 boxes of the 500 ct 9mm 124 RN.
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    Sig MPX or JP GMR?

    Is building one an option for you? You get exactly what you want that way. Make Ready Pro Shop has everything you need.
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    9mm PCC Newb

    I have an Eotech 512 on mine. Works great. I haven't touched the zero since I set it up and it uses AA batteries so you can get them anywhere.
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    Concealed Carry Match at OKCGC

    Same. Thanks to Anthony for resurrecting a carry gun match in the OKC area.