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    Ruger AR 556 AR-15 Rifle

    I understand what you are saying... but I don't own a gun shop... I am a webmaster associated with someone who does sell... Sorry for the trouble
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    Ruger AR 556 AR-15 Rifle

    You guys are bullies...not much else to say
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    Ruger AR 556 AR-15 Rifle

    Thanks for your time
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    Ruger AR 556 AR-15 Rifle

    Since I just joined I would ask for some leniency... I'm still not sure I understand the problem... But, Thank you!
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    Ruger AR 556 AR-15 Rifle

    I followed the instructions... hate?
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    Ruger AR 556 AR-15 Rifle

    I feel sorry for you
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    Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II AR-15 Rifle

    Taken this down
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    Iowa Boomer Just Joined

    Hey... Maybe I should join a club!! Anyone know any?
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    Not new from PA

    I am new to the 3 gun comp... maybe someone could post
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    New Guy from AR.

    I'm new here to... I also use the XD9... great gun!
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    Just getting started in 3 gun...need suggestions.

    It would be cool to have competitions were they re-create the old west... and the 44Mag :)
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    Hello from the 405

    What was the BS? lol just wondering
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    Shooting Vest... illegal?

    It seems right now people are becoming aware of people wearing vest... Just wondering if they may be outlawed soon,
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    H & H was awesome

    I like the shooting range... When I'm in the OKC area!!
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    The official "Thanks Hank" tribute thread

    Can someone explain who Hank is? Sorry... :)