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    1911 Gunsmith recommendation

    Keith at Firearm Solutions in Duncan did my gun, trigger is fantastic.
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    Glock 19 for limited, am I smoking crack?

    I'd probably use that tax return and set up your G19 for CO since thats what you're wanting to do anyway. the short slide really won't be a disadvantage in CO and you won't take the hit of shooting minor in a division dominated by major. you'd be more competitive in CO with the G19 than in...
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    Tristar P-120 T-120

    Did that spring kit make a noticeable difference?
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    Tristar P-120 T-120

    you forget I shoot a 9mm 1911, if you can make one of those run, you can make anything run haha. All good points sir. I've been looking at the SP-01. SP-01 or P120, I'll want to have the slide cut for sights. People seem to like them(the P120 and T120) on the internet, no issues with them...
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    Tristar P-120 T-120

    Anyone have experience with Tristar CZ clones? They're cheap, and on the production list. Obviously with a CZ or Tanfo you know what you're getting, but I like to look into other options. Looks like CajunGW does some work on the tristars and some of the parts are interchangeable with CZs...
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    OKCGC | USPSA Match | 10.7.17

    You're probably right. Good shooting this weekend bud, OKC and Tulsa. We need to squad together again soon.
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    OKCGC | USPSA Match | 10.7.17

    A lot of guys shot right around the 22 sec mark. I did all the steel and the far paper from the rear port(fur kicks) and it didn't seem to matter much.
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    OKCGC | USPSA Match | 10.7.17

    Yeah I was wondering. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    Rocky Mountain Reloading

    I've shot a few thousand of their 124 and 147 Plated bullets, never tried the FMJs. I really like them but was having feeding issues in my SS due to the bullet profile(guns pretty picky). Coated bullets are cheaper and feed perfectly so I started using those, but Nothing against RMR. Their...
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    OKCGC USPSA June 2017

    I just keep playing the :06 - :08 range of that video over and over, gets better every time lol. well done on that recovery sir.
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    Practical Pistol Show with TruExodus

    Very true, it was interesting. Here's the link if anyone cares to listen/watch. The sound was pretty bad on this one.
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    S&W M&P Pro 9 trigger & barrel questions

    If it is shooting 3.5" low then you're sights are just off, probably nothing wrong with the barrel. Also are you lining up the dots on the sights or lining up the top of the sights. Try both and see if one is correct impacting correctly. Not much of a trigger guy, so hopefully someone else...
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    Howdy from Hulen, Oklahoma

    From Hulen, Nice! Used to work down around Hulen some. There are a couple matches down there at the SCRAP club just East of Duncan. Check them out if you get a chance, great guys.
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    OKCGC May USPSA Results

    Sad I missed all that single stack competition! If you took some videos, put a link in here so I can check the stages out. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk