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    ULW .22lr AR-15 barrel

    Looking for a lite weight barrel for a dedicated .22lr upper build for steel challenge.
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    OKCGC May Steel Challenge 5/20/17

    Time to try something different.......
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    Tri City 9-4-16 results

    That's some funny sh*t right there!
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    Slide racker

    Thanks for the info. Grant!
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    Slide racker

    Yes......Yes I am!!
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    Slide racker

    Want to have a slide racker added to my STI Matchmaster. Who's good and won't take months to get it done?
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    OKCGC USPSA Results 12.5.15

    What's interesting is that the 73.7053% I shot in December on Disaster factor is showing on January's % for The Roscoe Rattle. December we shot 13-01 Disaster factor. My had hit factor was 6.3415 for a 73.7053% January we shot 13-04 The Roscoe Rattle. My hit factor was 9.6882 for a 96.9485%
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    January 2016 Match results

    Results from this mornings match.
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    November 2015 results

    Turned out to be a Great morning for a November match!!! Even though it was a low round count match, it was still fun!! Thanks to everyone who helped set up and tear down this morning.
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    October 2015 Match Results

    Attached are the results from Today's match.
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    Taran tactical m2 or other suggustions

    No problem, the gun is sold.......
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    WTS: Benelli M2 w/Comfortech Stock $900

    Sold!! Lock it up!
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    WTS: Benelli M2 w/Comfortech Stock $900

    Comfort Stock 18.5" barrel Rifle sights (not ghost ring) IM Choke installed Box, manuals, choke wrench Included Upgrades: Nordic +5 Extension Tube Nordic large bolt charging handle Arrendondo Bolt release C-Rums Welded Carrier Asking price is $900
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    TCGC September 2015 Match results

    Thanks to everyone who helped set up and teardown this morning. Match results attached.
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    H&H august club match 8/23

    Laura and I are planning to be there.