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    Ammo sold in gun shops vs. general retail stores

    Just more BS from a high priced dealer. He probably sets up at gun shows a lot.
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    Any 1911 fans here?

    So. Hypothetically speaking. What if the Browning hi power came out before the 1911.... would there still be a cult following of the 1911?? I think in that instance, the 1911 would be quickly overlooked due to the round count and it would've been d.o.a.
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    Any 1911 fans here?

    I have a 1911 and a 2011. Prefer the 2011.
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    This forum is dead.

    Oklahoma competitive shooting isn't dead. Over 80+ at most uspsa matches at okcgc as well as steel challenge. I'll admit that I attended more matches just because I got the constant reminders from this site about upcoming events and I had/have a lot of friends from here who attend those matches...
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    This forum is dead.

    The last post to this site was 6 days ago. Hell, it took you 8 days to respond to this thread, and you own it. It's dead. Taking over this site at this point is like buying a used boat. Nothing but wasted time and money.
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    This forum is dead.

    Let's face it folks, this place is done for. It had a strong presence for a few years, but now it's just tumbleweeds blowing in the breeze. Time to say goodbye to the once hopeful
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    9mm PCC

    Sig Romeo 3 on mine.
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    Wanamaker Gun Show in Tulsa

    Over priced guns, Hoveround scooters and old man farts? No thanks.
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    Cleaning for open gun comp - carbon build up

    Buildup in a suppressor is different from a comp. The comp can blow debris out where the suppressor is enclosed. Shooting a .22 suppressor, yes it will get lots of gunk in a short amount of time, which is why all the rimfire cans I've seen come apart for cleaning. Not the same with...
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    Okcgc 3gun Oct 2018 Results

    If only I didn't get those 20 penalty points.... damn....
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    OKCGC 3-gun Oct 27, 2018

    I should be there. Gonna be a blast.
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    AR-15 Charge Handle needed in case of 3 Gun Match This Month

    Mill a slot down the side of the upper, drill a hole in the bolt carrier and weld a rod in there. Boom! Side charger!
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    Bolt action 22

    Savage mkii fvsr with Boyd's stock.
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    Chrono indoors?

    If you're going off load data Feegee provided it'll only go 1 of 2 ways. It either won't make it through the paper, or it'll go straight through the berm. So if it's loud, you're good-ish.
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    AR-15 stripper lower advice

    Not really much difference. I have or have had Anderson, Aero, Bushmaster, Spikes, Loki, Palmetto, Rock River, CMMG and I'm sure more I'm forgetting. Some come with integral trigger guards and/or threaded holes for detents. Some forged, some billet. Just pick the one you like the picture best on.