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    Local RMR milling on M&P 5” slide?

    Check out Primary Machine, they have a very precise process machining in bosses to better maintain zero. Quick turn around and not too expensive.
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    3 gun shotgun caddy?

    Your hands are likely not too small to quad load, my 10yo daughter quad loads. Buy caddies that are good for grabbing 2 or 4 shells at a time. I like the carbon arms caddies. They have the best retention.
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    PCC ammo?

    Just got a JP gmr-15, and put 875rnds through it in the past two weeks. I feed it FM 124, FM 135, FM 147, Stand-1 147 chubbies, Winchester 124 nato, Blazer aluminum 115, lawman 115, and cap arms 147 subsonic. Not a single hiccup with any of the ammo. I felt like the FM 135 had the least...
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    What's your least favorite 3 Gun firearm?

    Shotgun, it's the least practical of the 3. I enjoy shooting it and the challenge it adds to the sport, but I would prefer if mag tubes were capped at 8 rnds for everyone.
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    22/45 Lite Steel Open Gun

    How do you like the venom? I just ordered one for a 22/45. I was a little concerned about the 3moa dot. I seriously considered the viper, but was turned off by the battery being underneath.
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    Thoughts on JP Aluminum BCG

    Thanks guys, I'm going to give the aluminum a shot.
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    What's your latest knife purchase

    ZT 0452CF This is about the perfect knife. 4" blade but light and carries comfortably in the pocket with small deep clip.
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    Thoughts on JP Aluminum BCG

    For those of you that have run the JP Ultra LMOS aluminum carrier what do you think of it compared to the stainless LMOS version? Happy with the way it runs? Reliability issues? Any reason not to go with it other than cost?
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    Vise Block

    I use this from magpul for uppers and lowers.
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    I am tried of chasing the rabbit. Low mass Low Gas.

    What type of problems are people experiencing with adjustable bkocks? Is it just tunning right on the edge of operating and then short stroking occaisonally, or is there something else causing failures? I like adjustabke gas, but haven't had problems...yet.
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    Couple of questions on Leupold VX-6 Multigun...

    No affikiation with Vortex, I love their products and appreciate their support of 3 gun matches.
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    Couple of questions on Leupold VX-6 Multigun...

    Yes, it is. Razor HD is amazing. Having that super bright dot makes for a very fast shooting scope.