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    2015 Jersey Contingency Program Prize Selection Thread

    I know I wasn't called on yet, but to keep from forgetting and holding this up for yall, I figured I'd post up since I'm up. Lol. I'll take the xtreme bullets cert! Thanks to Boomer and all the sponsors who graciously put this program on for us regular guys.
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    Anyone ride ADV bikes?

    I actually got know Mark in OCCRA, he's a really good dude!
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    Anyone ride ADV bikes?

    Haha, I put mine through it's paces in the dirt, but trust me, even having raced OCCRA at a higher level you can only push 600 lbs and 6 inches of soft suspension so hard without crapping yourself. haha
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    Steel Challenge at OKCGC - 9/19/15

    I think I'm going to give the ol' ICORE thing a try this weekend. Have fun with the Steel! It's steel my favorite match >_< Is it bad that my dog is my only kid and I make dad jokes?
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    [No] Training before you carry

    I think I'm kind of right there with you on this one. I've been lucky enough, though, that my friends who ask me about handgun issues are ironically former military guys who got good with rifles and never paid much attention to their sidearm. All of them have been incredibly interested in...
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    Handgun Pic's! Post 'em if you got em'!

    Here's a little pic I took for my blog. Just getting the ol' GP-100 ready for ICORE this weekend!
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    Anyone ride ADV bikes?

    Cool man! That was my 5th dirt bike, haha. Those things are nearly indestructible. We should have a BoomerShooter dirt bike day at Draper. Here's my old KDX
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    Anyone ride ADV bikes?

    Oh cool! I had looked into the Ulysses before Buell was disbanded back in the day. I still ride a KX500 when I want some pure dirt action, haha. That thing is a beast. Used to ride a KTM 450 in my OCCRA days.
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    Anyone ride ADV bikes?

    Well Tony, that really depends on who answers...for most people it just means riding on and off-road. For a select few it could be code ;) Thanks Jesse! It's a sweet bike. I'm somewhat fed up with the company that makes it currently, but the bike is still pretty awesome stuff.
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    Anyone ride ADV bikes?

    I finally got my Stelvio back from the shop over the weekend, and I have a feeling I might actually be over this strep and crap I got by this next weekend. Anyone else here riding an adventure bike? It'd be cool to find some other folks who would be into dual sporting. Here's mine: Moto Guzzi...
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    Lee Turret Press Review

    Hey guys, here's a write up and video of my Turret Press. I think it's a pretty sweet set-up, but there are some things I'd change about it that I made note of in my review. Anyway, here's the link! Lee Turret Press Review
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    Rimfire lube or not to lube

    I prefer most of my guns to be slightly wet. I'm really surprised this hasn't turned into an innuendo joke yet.
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    Just shot Noveske as my first major 3gun match

    Lmao, having an AD right after you start is always an exciting way to ruin the day.
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    j.bradford - Point Tracking Thread

    Match Name:H&H Club Match Match Date: 8-23-15 Link to Scores: Youtube Video / Photo Proof: Total Contingency Points: 1
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    H&H august club match 8/23

    I'm in! Haven't got to shoot a match since like March or April, can't wait!