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    6’ Limited gun For Sale

    2011? What caliber?
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    Springfield M1A Scope Mount and 2 20rd Mags N.I.B.

    Springfield M1A Scope Mount (4TH GENERATION ALUMINUM SCOPE MOUNT- SKUMA4GENAM) retail's at $155. Two 7.62MM 20-ROUND MAGAZINE (SKU: MA5021) retail's at $54.95 each. New in Box. These all would retail for $264.98. Asking $170 for the bundle. Cash is King. FTF in Norman. Will ship on your dime.
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    CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY! We got it, Now what?

    Yes, that looks to be their intent. I suspect the bigger issue is the legistature does not hear our voice or respect us.
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    S&W 170343 Classic Division legal

    Why isn't there an Un-Like button when I need it?
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    S&W 170343 Classic Division legal

    Lin- that S&W PC1911 is beautiful, however the slide lightening cuts no matter who makes them, will bump you out of single stack. You may want to look at the S&W PC1911 in 9mm(sku:178047), a Springfield Range Officer or a STI 1911. Here is a link to the what we are running in USPSA...
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    Wanamaker Gun Show in Tulsa

    Matt- I'll bring a full Mason Jar home for you.
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    Freedom ordinance

    Chris- here is a link to their distributors. One of the guys in my club has the Magazine feed version (FX9). He and his grandson use it for PCC of our IPSC (styled) match.
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    Duncan shooting range

    That sounds like something Redneck Jesus would say.
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    Brass headache

    I would look to Powder Valley or StarLine Brass for new brass. I see StarLine says: 9mm + Power, 9mm + Pressure 0.748 - 0.754 O.A.L. Our 9MM+P has no difference from the standard 9mm Luger other than headstamp designation for load segregation. Due to standard case design, it will handle +P...
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    900 rounds S&B .45

    PM Sent
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    New from Connecticut

    Welcome aboard. What is your sport of choice?
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    Pet pics

    My running partner.
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    CRKT fixed blade

    I will take a stab at it and say that is Burk. Looks like he is sporting the CRKT minimalist bowie.
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    OSU Top Shot 4/15 Stillwater

    I think CamoCorner is on 51 between I-35 and Stillwater.