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    My M2 got hydro dipped

    Thats slick! B)
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    Mexico wants to sue U.S. gun makers

    Gun Ban Groups Hold "Fast and Furious" Forum Here we go again!
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    Mexico wants to sue U.S. gun makers
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    The Avatar Thread

    Mine is of my alter ego. It was that or this.......:rolleyes:
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    Weapon Mounted Light Setups

    Lets see your weapon mounted light photos and descriptions. Threads like this can save a guy a ton of money by having the ability to see a particular setup without having to fork over some serious coin in most cases to find out. Anyway here are mine, sorry for the clutter...........;D
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    Quentin Defense Build Pics

    Just finished her up........B) Upper: Quentin Defense Billet Upper (Chatterbox Limited Edition) DD CHF Govt. Profiled 14.5" Mid-Length DD Omega X 9.0 Free Float Rail DD A1.5 BUIS DD Charging Handle BCM BCG (will replace with DD when they are available again) BCM A2X (pinned and welded) Larue...
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    My New Pistol

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    Show your Optics

    Leupold Mark AR 3x9x40mm Mil-Dot BDC