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    Tulsa Gun Club GoFundMe

    They put in Lincoln traps at the first of this year.
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    Tulsa Gun Club GoFundMe

    Actually they had just replaced all the old machines. The clubhouse may have to be torn down and several of the skeet houses rebuilt. There was a lot of damage to the power and other infrastructure More than the insurance will cover.
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    2015 - OKCGC - Spring Skeet League

    That's the advantage to everyone shooting on the same day and no make ups [emoji4]
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    2015 - OKCGC - Spring Skeet League

    Scores are posted in the club house by the east door. Usually they are updated on Sunday.
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    WTT AutoComp Powder

    I have a full naked picture of javier eating taco's! Hahahaha Who doesn't?
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    OKCGC - 2014 Work Day Opportunities

    This Saturday and Sunday the shotgun division is hosting the Redbud shoot. If you can help with reloading the throwers and other lite duties please contact Craig Wasson at 840-9398 or [email protected] Lunch will be provided and this is an easy way to get your work day completed. Thanks Scott
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    OKC Gun Club USPSA March 2, 2013

    Looking at the map on the website, do you checkin at the main clubhouse or just go to the ranges marked action pistol? Action pistol range for check in.
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    OKCGC Membership

    Has anyone received their new cards yet? I'm going out tomorrow morning and chances are the gate will be open, but I would hate to get there and find it locked and the lock combo changed. Combos won't change until Feb 1.
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    I have one. He is a big goofy dog. High energy and needs lots of exercise. Wouldn't trade him for the world.
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    Everything clays

    Finally shot my first 25 straight today (yes Javier 25 clays, 25 shots). Big thanks to mister Pinto for all his help! now if I can only do it again next weekend at the state match!
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    Shooting rifle with two eyes open

    Sean M told me that if you need help going both ways then you should join the Navy!
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    Red Neck Tactical Rifle Class w/Kurt Miller and/or Trapr Swonson

    June 11th 1 Day Class June 18th 1 Day Class June 11th 2 Day Class June 18th 2 Day Class Jesse Tischauser Michael Rush Perry Kaufman Mike Chambers Scott Parks Curly (scott signed him up for this cause he needs it!)
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    Red Neck Tactical Rifle Class w/Kurt Miller and/or Trapr Swonson

    I would be there for this one! Can I do part of the class with my M14?
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    OKC Gun Club Multi-Gun

    Mike just bites them into two pieces!
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    Clay shooting "class"

    Count me in! I have read Lanny's book and it is a much easier read than the Brian Enos book. I have noticed a difference in my shooting just by applying part of the techniques he explains. Need to read it again and get the rest in place for this class.