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    sounds fun, never went and found them but I do have a yard full of wild onions.
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    Man killed in home invasion in Guthrie, OK

    That is scary as hell. Sounds like he did right by his family. I lectured a young shoplifter the other day about breaking and entering when his mother informed us that he had been caught doing that around his neighborhood. People don't play when they believe their loved ones may be in danger...
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    I finally got a scope! 1-4x illuminated reticle

    Okay you have my attention. What is it? How do you like it so far? I have been thinking about ordering 2 of these for myself
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    Now this is starting to piss me off!

    They are getting retarded. I think it is almost time for a cleansing. And the way the world is going I sure hope I get cleansed first.
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    Put a bullet in my finger

    Lol, my reoloading setup is in the laundry room so I can do a load and race the washing machine. You make it sound like a scene from a dirty movie while I reload! I am gonna have to try it! Sounds like a good way to get consistent powder throws. LOL, my sandwich maker makes me be the washing...
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    Put a bullet in my finger

    not much for a pic other than a little cut looking hole where the bullet went into the hand a little.
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    Put a bullet in my finger

    I was trying to be like Accurate Ron......I failed
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    Scar 16 multi-cam hydroprint

    Looks good! Maybe you got a better deal from Harsh than I was offered but he was substantially higher than others when I asked him about hydro dipping an ar for my wife
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    Put a bullet in my finger

    Got a little carried away tonight while cranking away on the press and decided to use the bottom of my middle knuckle as the bullet seating die. Just a reminder for everyone out there to slow down and pay attention to what you are doing and if it gets to the point of monotony step away for a few...
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    Walmart Ammo returning?

    Yep, they are there every morning. And usually hang around until the UPS truck arrives to see if any guns come in. If something does come in they are on the phones and have the counter swarmed within minutes. I know at least one of the guys is a dealer.
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    Unique AR-15 lower

    I like it, very unique
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    Ask the semi-pro

    I have a recipe for clays and for titegroup for 223 loads. I have never used them but they are there and if a guy were to try them and they worked it would sure make a pound of powder go a long ways at 3.1 grains for the titegroup and 3.2 grains for the clays.
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    Custom Handguards

    I found a company last night that seems to have some cool options for handguards. Basically looks like they will machine whatever you want into a free float tube. Pretty cool stuff. Now I just have to decide if I want an eagle with the Molon Labe on the handguard or a bunch of bear tracks going...
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    It's Getting Downright Scary!

    I have been watching this in the store and we not only are fighting panic hoarding of ammo but another problem that we have completely forgotten about. Panic buyers + all these new gun owners that are just trying to get a few hundred rounds to send down the pipe on there new gun. I kind of feel...
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    Ideas for gifts from Father to Son

    I know you said probably not a firearm but a Browning Citori grade VI over under is about as timeless and manly as you can get in my opinion.