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    Bolt action 22

    Looking for a bolt action 22 suppressor host because reasons.... Anyone have a suggestion?
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    Brass headache

    It's not rocket surgery. Chunk anything that says Amerc or Ammoload and roll on. Unless you are loading for a bullseye gun and have the time behind the trigger to use it well sorting pistol brass by headstamp isn't worth the effort.
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    Once fired brass question

    Primer magazine tips are a necessity for a 1050. The press should come with 50 of them. Haven't broken anything else on the 1050, but I did snap a few advance rings on the 650.
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    WTS QC10 Glock small frame lower

    If Matt doesn't want it I'll take it.
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    Vortex PST 1-4

    Believe this bad boy is sold.
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    Vortex PST 1-4

    Target turret scope sold. Capped scope still up for sale.
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    Vortex PST 1-4

    I've got 2 Vortex 1-4 scopes, one with capped turrets one with target turrets. Both have MRAD reticles. $300 each shipped. Pics later this afternoon.
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    WTB CZ SP01

    According to his Instagram I believe you are correct.
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    WTB CZ SP01

    It's a BIG problem for me.
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    WTB CZ SP01

    Surely someone here can aid me.
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    WTB CZ SP01

    Anyone sitting on a decocker SP01 in 9mm they want to move?
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    UML @ USSA 12-16-17

    Any chance of a 4x4 or maybe a 2x12?
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    Old American Rifleman Magazines

    They are yours Burk. Give me a call or text and we'll set up a meet.