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    OKCGC shotgun special for March?

    Insert following dot here.....
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    Glock 19 for limited, am I smoking crack?

    Only thing that’s wrong with it in my opinion is the scoring disadvantage. I shot a 5” M&P9 last year in limited and figured out real fast I couldn’t shoot enough A’s fast enough to do worth a shit. I know a couple of fellas who have won or been top 5 combined overall with a 9mm in...
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    OKCGC Setup Help...Win a GUN!

    This freaking guy.......
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    OKC 3gun this weekend?

    Hey Burk, I’ve got some bad news....
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    OKC 3gun this weekend?

    Remember USPSA at USSA is going on this weekend if you still want to shoot and don’t mind the easy drive up to Tulsa.
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    OKC 3gun this weekend?

    Following for a friend.... 😏
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    M&P Pro Series 9mm 5” and Dillon press

    Pistol is sold, press $275
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    M&P Pro Series 9mm 5” and Dillon press

    M&P Pro Series 9mm -Trigger Job -Dawson front sight to correct POI for 124gr (Factory Novak Rear) -Speed Shooter Specialties ESP Mag Well -5 factory 17 round magazines -3 magazine extensions, 2 Springer Precision, 1 TTI Firepower -A1CustomTac kydex holster with Tek-Lok -Some miscellaneous...
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    OKCGC | USPSA Match | 11.4.17

    Not going if Burk is....
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    what's up guys

    Welcome to the group, nice to have you.
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    Who offers the best pricing for ammo?

    I agree with Dennis. Reloading makes the shooting sports much more affordable. I took a 2 year break from shooting and when I started back up it was amazing how much I spent going to Academy, Walmart, Cabela's, Bass Pro, or somewhere of the like trying to hunt cheap ammo for a 200 round a...
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    Vortex Sparc II

    Price drop to $125 firm.
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    Vortex Sparc II

    LNIB, used less than 200 rounds. I have the box and warranty papers as well. $150 OBO. For pictures text me at 405-420-9435
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    Switching Pistols

    I carry a Glock, having said that I have both a 9mm and a .40 S&W M&P Pro. The trigger in my .40 is untouchable by any Glock. It was done at Accurate Iron several years ago. Ymmv but, I'm sending a vote for the M&P for USPSA purposes.