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    Muzzle loader guys, school me please

    Muzzleloader or corrosive ammo, i run Windex down the bore after shooting. The ammonia neutralizes the corrosive salts.
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    Glock stipple worth it?

    I like the texture of that top one
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    IDPA @ CCGC Topeka 3/12/17

    The first match of the season is Sunday March 12th. Per our usual schedule the gate will be open at 7:30 for setup and the match will start at 10:00. The following people are signed up to setup: Dan Wadley David Judd Austin Jones Daylight savings time starts on the 12th so set your clocks...
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    How to report posts to admin?

    Thank you sir. I had my screen brightness turned down and didnt see it!
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    How to report posts to admin?

    Maybe im dense, but i dont see a way.
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    Looking For Silencer/ Suppressor Info and Help

    7.62 specwar. Rock solid QD. Suppresses 223 better than many 223/556 dedicated cans. Full auto rated down to 7.5", and magnum rated up to 300 ultra mag. It was between it and a Thunderbeast 30p1, as they sound very much alike, but the TB doesnt handle rapid fire.
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    9mm: What Brand Ammo and Grain do you use for 3gun?

    I run 3.3 gr titegroup under a 147 Xtreme, 1.15 oal, cci primers. Gives about 870 fps and drops poppers with ease. I started with 3.2 tg in my g34 to get those numbers, had to bump 1/10th gr for my DW PM9 to get the velocity.
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    Glock stipple worth it?

    I cant tell if it is... stippled undercuts would suck for your skin in a hurry
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    Sp Guns | Videos & Experiments

    Certainly entertaining. Thank you sir!
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    Tools needed for 10//22 Power Custom trigger install?

    The kit comes with slave pins to do just that.
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    Tools needed for 10//22 Power Custom trigger install?

    I ended up having to call PC, as the sear was missing from the kit, and theyre sending me one. So it currently has the PC return spring, hammer, sear and hammer spring. Favtpry trigger and sear, as the PC trigger wont work with the factory sear. 3# pull with minor creep
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    Tools needed for 10//22 Power Custom trigger install?

    So, I have very little tooling at the new house, my 6' Matco box, along with 99.99% of my tools is 20 miles away at the shop. Add the fact that this will be my first 10/22 trigger, on my first 10/22 That I've had for a week.... I'm unfamiliar with their innards. Now, give me a glock and $12...
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    Glock Upgrades for USPSA

    The Vogel trigger from is about the best deal for your money period. I've built 2# triggers In my game gun, but eventually they'll be prone to failure. I won a Vogel setup at a match and ran that in my 34 for 3 years and was super pleased with it.
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    AR Photo Thread

    A few of them
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    Wow. I didn't realize how quiet it would be in here...

    You can find action pistol matches at CCGC in Topeka,millcreek in Desoto, Deans im St Joseph, bullethole in overland park and The Armory Kearney. Assuming you're NEKS/NWMO area. Also, check out