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    Pistol Caliber Carbine provisional rules

    I know. And they would create a lot of timer problems. I'm saying I don't want my hand hanging out there in front of the muzzle without the supressor there
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    Pistol Caliber Carbine provisional rules

    No Uzis. My finger would be worn out from that smooth 10# trigger pull. But some carbine. I've got a 4" bbl where the hand guard goes close to the end of the supressor but I don't want to shoot that without the can.
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    Pistol Caliber Carbine provisional rules

    Soooo is PCC being offered this Saturday at the OKCGC? I hope it is.
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    Tripp Cobra mags

    I'll take those. Pm inbound.
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    who does class 3 trusts?

    I'm totally the beneficiary of jesses trust.
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    Appendix Carry inside the Waist Band (AIWB)?

    So Michael and others. What is your AIWB holster and gun now? I've got one of troys holsters for a 19 and really like it. But I wore one out already, got another. But I think he has slowed down to nothing on making holsters. I tried the crossbreed with the one clip. Didn't like it. Thinking...
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    Oklahoma Muzzle loader season starts 10/25/13

    Phil and I will be up in NW OK. I'm shooting a TC Omega with 150 gr pirodex (3 pellets). Bullet is 245 gr powerbelt. The crono only showed 1750. May be it didn't get a good reading? That's a 28" barrel gun.
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    To sell or not to sell my 2011

    Finish the year out and make a more informed decision. You don't want it gone tomorrow and then next month be thinking man I'm going to have to get another 2011.
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    Leupold VX*R Patrol 1.25-4x20

    SPF. Thanks.
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    WTT my H335 for your pistol powder

    I have unopened 8lb jugs of H335. I need some WST, Titegroup, or other pistol powder to load 9,40, 45. Looking for trade only at this time. Thanks
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    Leupold VX*R Patrol 1.25-4x20 New in box. Plastic shrink wrap still on box. Lists on optics planet for $600. Will take $500 (firm) ftf north Edmond or ship on your dime.
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    purchase law

    Small claims court? They aren't going to award that high of a restocking fee for something that wasn't restocked or delivered.
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    Long distance rifle range?

    This is correct. The 600 line is the covered one. Then there are multiple other fireing lines closer.
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    Target Stands at OKCGC

    Or may be its already there? That's just a conspirey theory.