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    Deer Trophies

    Here is one from this year, He dressed out at 200 lbs and has 16 points
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    Pawn Shop Burglary

    A former employee and a current employee(former now) cut a hole in the roof and turned the alarm off.
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    Pawn Shop Burglary

    A few have been recovered(not sure which ones) they have been sold during FTF transactions, not sure how they are advertised.
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    Pawn Shop Burglary

    Here is a list of firearms stolen from Circle D Pawn left to right is make,model, SN# and caliber. Rumor is that they are being sold in face to face transactions. BURGLARY 12/20/2013 Circle D Pawn, Shawnee, OK Call Shawnee Police (405) 273-2121 Luger P38 6042bac44 38 Charter 2000 45772 22...
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    Trap shooting tips?

    My daughter joined the trap shooting team at school. I have never shot trap and can not give good advice for her. Any tips or advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.
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    This year is the first year since I was living here as a kid that I have hunted for them. I got about 4 5 gallon buckets full of them.☺ I sure missed them when I was gone.
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    How did you pick your bullets?

    I use these for general purpose plinking Like everybody else they are backlogged with orders right now.
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    Walmart Ammo returning?

    The Wal-Mart in Chandler has .380, 40S&W and 45ACP on the shelves as of about 3PM today
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    WTB Benelli Nova

    Lucky Charm Pawn and Gun in Shawnee has one for sale. It is in really nice condition. 1520 N Harrison Shawnee
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    Range brass for sale

    I am interested in 44 Mag and 357 Mag.
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    Winchester model 94 scope mount

    I am looking for a side scope mount for a top eject Winchester model 94. Reproduction is fine.