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    Hunting season opens tomorrow

    Texas south zone opens today so I will go play this afternoon. We have not had a good push of cold and plenty of rain so they have not been moving whole lot like they are supposed to.
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    Belts for everyday carry

    See Post #3! Your mileage may vary based on personal preference, body shape, and gun type though.
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    Glock stipple worth it?

    That bottle is the same stuff I bought and I've used it sparingly in a few matches. I think it works great and is a good addition to the range bag. Oddly enough, I am started to suffer from Tennis Elbow, having never actually played a game of tennis before I find it intriguing.
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    Belts for everyday carry

    I much prefer IWB at the 3:30 mark or so. I can rock a t-shirt and cargo shorts all day long with a G19 or G26 at the ready. I've got a box of holsters I bought and tried but ended up hating so don't settle on the first one if you don't like it.
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    What are the "Essentials"

    I also process everything myself, once it's quartered and bled out I move over to four Rapella fish cleaning knives for everything after that. I use them for deboning all theh way to cutlet and steaks. They work very well for removing sinew and have a real clean cut to them. I found these...
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    What are the "Essentials"

    You can't go wrong for $35. I love the orange handle, it's easy to see where I set it down. I wish it was a fixed blade for ease of cleaning, it's my only gripe really. You cannot beat the feel of a solid, well made knife and the have their place in life for sure. This one makes the work...
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    Belts for everyday carry

    Reinforced 5.11 everyday, it's a great belt. I use a On Your 6 kydex OWB or a Desantis leather IWB.
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    What are the "Essentials"

    Our hunting licenses have tear away tags that must be filled out in the field with the date cut out, failure to do so is a big no no. I prefer the cable ties for the same reason you do, they serve other purposes as well and they hold the tag on great. I grew up stealing bread ties from the...
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    What are the "Essentials"

    Turkey hunting is a different game than deer, concealment is somewhat more important and calling is essential. I keep a handful of things in my hunt sack: 1 heavy knife 1 blade replaceable knife like Dennis mentioned Ballpoint pen Zip ties Latex gloves Baby wipes (doubles as TP) Good...
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    16" carbine concealed bag?

    A quick update - an 18" barreled AR with a collapsible MOE will just fit - I think a 20" version would be impractical. I'd hate for some yuppie to bust out my window hoping to score a sweet new tennis racket only to find an AR....
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    16" carbine concealed bag?

    I happened to pick up one of the Trojan Horse cases off a prize table earlier this year! I could not find an identifying mark on it for nothing and eventually gave up. I like to send match sponsors and the companies that donated anything I pick up a thank you email but I couldn't for this one...
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    Etiquette in a match

    It adds confusion for sure. Some RO's will ask them to leave the stage but that is rare because of touch feely political correctness for the most part. I am a firm believer that you stay off the stage until the other squad is finished.
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    Starting to get gooder results from appendix carry

    ***Not recommended for small of the back carry***
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    WTT/WTS Gen. 4 Glock 35

    I've been thinking about getting a 35...let me talk to the bank.
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    Biggest "carry" mistakes

    I think we can all agree that the common denominator is ice cream.