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    So there I was....

    Knee deep in a pile of llama manure with nothing on but a yellow duck floaty. It had suddenly become apparent that I was in no shape to fly the plane nor to bed the famous actress. Hell just two hours ago I was having chicken fights with a midget and I lost! Oh man now THAT was a quinceanera I...
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    Gym Workout

    Everyone here still fat? Nice!
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    How to report posts to admin?

    There was a porn spammer and I missed?! Dammit!!
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    AR Photo Thread

    Yes. Let the butt hurt flow through you
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    Slemmo shooting stuff

    I like the Rapid Pivot bipod mount on the bottom rifle. I use the same attachment for coyote hunting.
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    .22 Nosler

    6.8 SPC does everything the .22 Nosler does.
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    Any reason to SBR and Suppress a 6.8 SPC

    Hearing tolerable it is, but just barely imo. After hole drilling, engraving and paint.
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    Gym Workout

    I used to
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    Gym Workout

    Do you even lift bro? Yeah I guess you could say I'm into fitness. Fitness beer into my stomach! Heyooooooo!
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    Handgun Pic's! Post 'em if you got em'!

    I like these guns. May I see some more sir?