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    Lee Weems, 2 course offerings at BDC Gun Room, 10/20/18

    SWEET Lee!!! I'm hoping I can do this class with you--depending on my back of course :)
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    PCC ammo?

    Love your new PCC!! Yes it's dirty...oh well it's fun lol!!
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    2017 Double Tap Championship

    I was disappointed that DT didn't have a PCC division as well.....but oh well I'm going anyways :)
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    9mm PCC

    This is a steal!!! I can't believe it's still for sale!
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    PCC Conversion Vs Dedicated Lower

    I started with the Hahn block insert...............hated it...but I used the UZI mags. The reloads sucked cause the UZI mags were hard for me to get in very fast. I switched to the QC-10 with a JP Bolt so I could use the Glock mags and haven't had any issues since. Make Ready Pro Shop hooked me...
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    Hello from North East Illinois

    Welcome :)
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    Can't wait to see the pics of the finished product!!
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    Here are the two guns that Keith recently did for me!! He did an excellent job and def has better customer service skills than Harsh.....don't get me started on that!!
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    Back up Glock 34

    I'm not sure if Burk wants to shoot a pink kryptek gun ;)
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    Large Range Bag FS

    Red Range Bag for sale. Local pickups only. Located in Norman, OK. Brand new, never used. It also comes with a smaller bag that is inside of it. New price online is $119, I'm asking $75. Please text me if interested. (405) 613-6541 Jamie Meyer
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    Back up Glock 34

    I've got one I can bring to Ben's class also :)
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    Firearm Solutions in Duncan has recently done a couple of my rifles and they have turned out really nice. Out of State I would def recommend Scalpel Arms....He has some wicked creations and has painted a few of my firearms as well...def someone to go to if you are wanting a cool design!
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    OKC 3Gun/Shotgun 4/29/17

    Very 3g class got cancelled and now this :( ........................I need RANGE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Shield AWB Options

    Spencer def has the market cornered on the AIWB holsters!! Def get one and take his class on them!!